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What to Expect

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I’m really freaked out that I cannot figure out how to use the font of my choice. Although this one isn’t half bad, it’s just the idea of being forced into using a font that does not totally match my personality or writing style. More on my font search later.

You can expect very little in terms of substance from this blog. My biggest challenge will be to keep certain thoughts from travelling from my head to my fingertips and not letting them tap away at the keyboard without being censored.

I’m on the board of a local youth football league and also coach Little League baseball. You can imagine the stories that I can pull out of those experiences. But you won’t find any inside mud or dirt here. At least not yet. I’m saving all of that for when my kids are long gone from the youth sporting landscape. I will share some experiences though (without using names) just so you can see what a league administrator has to put up with. I think you’ll be amazed at some of the behavior of coaches and parents. Put your cursor on Mud and Lightning for all of the details.

I like politics. I’m caught up in the whole Obama phenomenon. I’ll give my thoughts on his presidential run as the campaign rolls through September and October. Just click on Obamenon 2008!

I’m 44 years-old and have been a father for all but 18 of those years. So having raised five children, I’ve accumulated some helpful advice as well as some great stories. Read about it all in Now I Hate Kids.

And don’t let me forget to tell you about my misdiagnosed ankle and how my tumor made it to Harvard (we are very proud of it). You can follow the journey through the courts in If it Ain’t Broken and You Don’t Know what’s Wrong, Send me to Another Doctor.

Perhaps on an evening when I’ve had a few drinks I’ll share with you my unfortunate firing as a Group Home Mananger after 18 years with the company. It’s a bit complicted but the story needs to be told.

In my latest attempt to shed pounds from my frame, I will keep a daily food log of everything that I’ve had to eat. This will be the most exciting segment of this blog because it will give YOU, the reader, a chance to tell me where I’m going wrong. As an added bonus, I’ll also share my workout routine with you. I think I’ll call that link, What I Ate Today.

Six weeks ago I did not like dogs. I never owned a dog, I hated to pet dogs, and I tried my best to ignore dogs. Then a friend of ours had to move and gave us her dog. I’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress of Minnie and Me.

So that’s a little bit of what you can expect. If I had to break down what I think you’ll take away from this blog, I’d put it to you like this: You’ll enjoy 20% of what you read. You’ll hate 20% of what you read but at least we can agree to disagree. Another 20% of it will be so unreadable you may decide not to come back. Five percent of what I write will be brilliant but if you’ve decided never to come back you may miss out on it. I believe that leaves 35%. Ten percent of that will hurt someone’s feelings. Another 10% will be very sarcastic. Come to think of it, most of it will be sarcastic. So the the last 15% will be helpful information that will improve your life (or make you feel like your life is insignificant… like, “Dust in the Wind). Remember, all we are is Dust in the Wind.

It’s time to go fishing with the ten year-old (another topic you’ll read about in Fishin’ with the Ten year-old). And how can I possible forget my favorite activity… bicycling. You can read about my adventures on the bike in My Adventures on the Bike.

Please come back soon!


Ron Goralski