Lunch Time

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Yes it’s lunch time. I’m having a fake diet Dr. Pepper and a blueberry yogurt. If you are new to my life, then you may not know that I am an independent agent for Aflac. So I’m sitting in the office right now. The morning was spent at a team meeting. We watched game film and tried to figure out how to get the duck more involved in the offense.

Now I have to open more accounts. That’s where I either call or walk into a place of business, tell them a little about Aflac and then ask for an appointment. I can’t do that. I can’t be pushy… not with a stranger, not with friends, and not with family.

It’s difficult being in sales when you hate to sell. My biggest accounts have come about by getting leads from friends. In some cases a friend has put in a good word for me. In the very best of cases, the friend owns the company.

I’m running out of influential friends. I have heard that some of the new coaches we have are in pretty high places, but again I feel like I’m imposing by approaching them. Yeah I know… what the heck am I doing in this job?

I love the interaction with people. I love it that I can introduce them to something that will pay them money when they get sick or hurt. I like it that they trust me enough to tell me about how they were at their mother’s bedside when she died and still don’t go a day without talking to her.

So if you are out there and this little story has touched your soul, do me a favor and keep me in mind if you own a company, have a link to a company, or work for a company that you think would like to meet with me regarding Aflac.

I can also offer some policies on an individual basis. If you are a dude and you are standing next to another dude, one of you are going to get cancer. If you are a female and standing next to two other females… one of you are going to get cancer in your lifetime.

I don’t mean for this to become an Aflac ad but now that I’m on this track I’ll finish. Your current health plan is not going to pay for many of the services that you’ll receive. And worse yet, you may not be eligible for some of the more costly options.

And even if your doctors and the hospital get paid, what about the time that you’ve missed from work after your sick and vacation time is gone? What about the time that your spouse has to miss from work? Then there’s the gas, the possible out-of-state hotel stays, the groceries, babysitters, and a bunch of other things that you never think of.

OK, so now that you know that you will die from cancer (or a heart attack or car crash), start thinking about how to save yourself from losing every single thing that you own. Oh… and it will help to get my house out of foreclosure.

I hope I wasn’t being too pushy.


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