The Song

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

The year before my 40th birthday I wanted to put together a list of MY FAVORITE 100 SONGS OF ALL-TIME. I chose only those songs that were on the Billboard 100 at some point. So they had to be songs that were well known.

Well, I got the list down to 300. There was no way I could cut 200 songs out. Every time I tried, it felt like I was chopping off a great memory or cutting loose a special time in my life.

So the list stayed at 300 and I took a lot of abuse from my family and friends. Even 4 1/2 years later it would be hard to cut it down. But that’s how much I love my music.

My daughter is getting married next October. So what do you think she does? She somehow thinks it’s a nice idea if I choose the song for the Father/Daughter dance. And she’s right, I am very touched and honored. It’s a very sweet gesture on her part, knowing how much I love music and how much it really means to me.

So with 13 months to go, I have it narrowed down to 87 choices. They are all on my iPod and I listen to them every single night before going to sleep. I use the tears and goosebumps rating system to narrow down the list.

It really is a sweet gesture to give a father with OCD the task of choosing one of the most important and meaningful songs that he will ever dance to. Deep down I wonder if this is all part of a thesis that she has to write for school. She is studying for her BSW and it just sounds a little too suspicious.

I’m the guy that nobody wants to shop with. I’m the guy that puts off buying sneakers for a year because I cannot find the perfect pair. I’m the guy that buys a backpack online and returns it 27 times until I recieve the perfect one. I’m the guy that has to do two years of research before purchasing a new vacuum cleaner or toaster oven. Maybe you can understand now how difficult of a decision I now have in front of me.

Perhaps YOU, the reader can help me. Send me your suggestions. But please don’t send me the obvious songs that I’ve undoubtedly already auditioned. Maybe I’ve missed something out there. And if I choose YOUR song, you will win a free silly little quacking Aflac duck AND if I remember, a piece of cake from the wedding.

Thanks for your anticipated participation.


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