Politics, sort of

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Politics

Since you still don’t want to help me with Danielle’s wedding song and my career I’ll write my very shallow comments on the presidential race up to this point.

I respect John McCain and everything he’s done for this country. I’m sure if elected president, he’ll do a fine job. And Sarah Palin and her husband are a fine looking couple. Sarah is smart and witty and very attractive (not that it really matters… although I liked what she wore the second night better than what she wore during her own speech) and she would probably make a fine VP.

But JM hardly looks like he can make it to the podium let alone make it through four years as the most powerful man in the free world. And I’m not so sure I want the sexy  attractive (not that anybody should or will base their vote on how she looks) and very smart Sarah of Alaska as my president.

I will be even more leery if the JM people shield her from the Sunday morning political talk shows. We need to hear everything about what she can bring to the job before making an intelligent choice.

And how about Mrs. McCain? She’s also very hot a very pretty woman (not that it matters one bit) and I can easily take four years (or however long JM lasts) of her as the first lady.

Then there’s Michelle Obama… also one fine woman a cutie (not that it matters at all). I loved her speech and the passion that she delivered it with.

I like Mr. Obama. I like him a lot. Yes I’ll admit that I’m intrigued with the prospect of finally having a black president, but I also think he’s very capable of doing the job. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more during the debates.

Mr. Biden is very experienced and I trust his knowledge of foreign policy. And Jill Biden is one hot ticket attractive too (not that it makes a bit of a difference)

.Jill Biden, wife of Senator Joe Biden by JoeBiden.

I hope this has helped you to make an educated decision on who should be our next president. One thing is for sure. Whoever it is will be an upgrade from what we’ve had for the past eight long years. I will miss Laura Bush and the twins. They are all very attractive women that have made the past four years a little easier on the eyes little more bearable.

Not that ANY of it matters a single bit.


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