Posted: September 15, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I’m discovering that writing a blog is a form of therapy. I can just write, and write, and write some more and then feel a little better. Of course the downside of such an exercise is that it’s out there for the world to read, judge, and dissect.

While I don’t suspect that there are more than a few dozen insomniacs and family members logging on each day, it’s fasinating to me that someone in another part of the world can read my words and also think, What a complete idiot.

And not that anyone was wondering (nor should they) but I am typing with the melted computer right now. The shift key is gone and the space bar keeps sticking which completely sucks especially because the harder I hit it, the higher the corner of the entire key pad pops up. The good news is that it is being sent back tomorrow for a free diagnostic test. If they decide that the machine melted because it was defective, I imagine that they’ll fix it for free. If they decide that it melted because I type too slow, I will haunt them forever.

I will call them every ten minutes, every single day. And I know how annoying that can be. An old friend, Chase, has been calling every ten minutes for the past month. The ten year-old thinks that Chase Manhatten and I got into an arguement and that I no longer want to talk to him. He’s half right.

So I’ll be without a laptop for a while. I still have the home computer in the other room and the iPod Touch (a gift from my only brother… I also have an only sister… and an only father… I had an only mother but she’s dead… more on her coming up on September 18th). So life will be a little different for a little while.

I’ll have to run to the next room if I want to Google anything. Tonight I’ll be Googling ear hair and how to remove it. I have five hairs on my entire chest but I have to shave my ears every other day.

Ears are hard to shave. I’ve tried Men’s Nair and I hate the smell of it. Not only that, but one morning I left it on a little too long and my ears where burned and bright red for a week. Now I only Nair for special occasions. I’m thinking of trying to wax them next. I’ll wait and see what the great Google God comes up with.

Wow… I’ve been babling for almost 500 words already. I wanted to mention that I couldn’t sleep again last night. I ended up watching the last hour of Cast Away for the 27th time (I’ve seen the beginning of it about 15 times). There is the scene near the end when Kelly is running down her driveway in the pouring rain and Chuck backs up and they embrace and kiss. She’s so torn and then she says, “I always knew you were alive, I knew it. Everybody said that I had to let you go. I love you. You’re the love of my life.” Wow. I love that line and the way Helen Hunt delivers it.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the world tonight, somebody may be dissecting my every word.


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