Just Writing About Nothing

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

It’s much harder to write a Blog than I thought it would be. And even though I have over 1,000 hits already, only a few of you are sending comments. And that’s what makes a Blog so beautiful: the constant back and forth between the writer and his readers.                                                                                                         

Anyway… I have chosen one of the two songs that I will be dancing to with Danielle at her wedding next year.

I’ve told the ten year-old that Major League Baseball has gone on strike for the rest of the season. I can’t sit and watch a postseason without the Yankees. I watched the final game at Yankee Stadium. During the tribute before the game there was no mention of Joe Torre or Roger Clemens. Dumb!

Epitheloid Hemangioma. Huh? It’s scribbled on a paper I just found in a pile of other papers that also have stuff scribbled on them.

Did you know that I have two Goddaughters? Arabella and Sadie. The first one that sends me an email wins the newest annoying Aflac quacking duck. Well that’s not really fair though. Bella is eleven (if she’s still 10 I’m going to really hear it from her mother… nah!… I doubt she reads this) and Sadie is only one.

So I still have this problem with cold calls. But tomorrow I am walking the streets of Waterbury and dropping into businesses to say hello. I hate doing that too. I love to e-mail but the jerks never get back to me! I attended a networking group last week and I’m going again tomorrow morning. The only problem is the $430 price-tag for the first year. That’s about a week’s worth of heating oil.

I saw part of Dancing with the Stars last night. Brooke Burke has four kids? And the youngest is six months-old? Toni Braxton has some type of heart disease. Are they hoping for another Marie Osmond incident but this time she won’t get up?

Has anybody out there done any reading about Major Taylor yet?

Aren’t there people more worthy of a national holiday than Christopher Columbus?  I’ve read that he terrorized, tortured, raped, and killed Native Americans. The lucky ones were shipped back to Spain and sold as slaves. Just saying.

If a youth sports team was ahead by so many points that victory was inevitable, you’d think the coach would clear the bench and let the kids with less playing time go out and finish up the game… right? Yeah you’d think so.

Hey I just got great news about my laptop. They replaced the system board, laptop covers, and keyboard and it tested ok. Hopefully it’s boarding a plane home-bound to Unionville, CT.

  1. Samu says:

    Ei. . . That’s my name’s blog. . .:) it was so far. . . Good name.

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