We’re All Set

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

     I hear that line every single day. And usually it’s from a person whose only job is to get rid of “solicitors” or business owners that don’t think twice about answering for their employees.


     It happened today in Waterbury. I walked into a business. Fat guy sitting on the phone says, Yeah can I help you?”


     Chubby, cute guy holding Aflac folder says, “Hi I’m Ron and…”


     Fat guy says, “We’re all set.”


     I say, “But I haven’t told you why I’m here.”


     Ugly bitchy woman on other side of room says, “We’re all set.”


     That is true ignorance! This is the same guy that probably built his business by walking into or calling other businesses to talk about what services he can over. But he’s all set now which must mean that his $10 an hour drill press guy with no disability insurance is also all set. It must mean that the single mom putting piece 1 into piece 2 is also all set. Because if HE is all set, they are all set.


     It’s freaking maddening to run into selfish, short-sighted people like that. And it’s one of the reasons why people end up losing a lot of money when it turns out that Mr. All Set’s company’s medical coverage comes up short in paying for services.

     A co-worker and I collaborated on the following few paragraphs that we hand out to business owners and I think it’s perfect when trying to make people understand that protecting the paychecks of their employees should be at the top of their list, especially when it’s costing THEM nothing. 

     But what about tomorrow?  Today you are fine, and tomorrow you are diagnosed with something that won’t be covered by your insurance after it’s been diagnosed.  Today we’re all set but tomorrow a traffic accident can take away your earning power, or worse.  We’re all set today, but tomorrow a nagging ache becomes something much worse.  So, what does all set mean?  Does it mean you can withstand any situation involving an illness or accident with no financial ramifications?  Does it mean you will be covered in full by the coverage you now carry?  


     What about your employees?  Many of them work paycheck to paycheck, but somehow, when an unexpected accident or illness occurs, they must still come up with cash for trips to doctors, clinics or hospitals.  They will need time off to make these appointments, treatments, or examinations.  Sick pay is fine for an hour here or there, but what happens after 5 or 10 days, one month, or several months?  Is your company in a position to pay them for being injured or sick, especially when the accident or illness has nothing to do with your business?


     You are all set for this moment.  But what if your decision to not look at a unique employee-funded solution costs one of them the chance to prevent a crisis to their finances and family?  As their employer, you are making a decision about their financial well-being.  When doing so, please keep in mind that one of life’s tragedies can be around the next corner or on the next X-ray.  Everything may seem all set today, but what about tomorrow?




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