Danielle’s memories of Nana

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Hal and Adele

Here is an e-mail that the 23 year-old girl sent to me today… (with a few notes from the editor).

I like reading the stories about Nana and Grandpa. I remember their apartment. Nana would sit against one side of the couch with her legs up and she would beg Jay (THE 25 YEAR-OLD) and I to play with her hair… she would even bribe us with a dollar to do it. And I remember her old lady arms, the flab hung down and Jay and I would push it back and forth… we called it “basketball” (WE CALLED THEM NANA ARMS). And the drawer… we were allowed to choose something out of the “junk drawer” when we were good. I don’t remember much of what was in there, except for the toothbrushes that had a naked man on one and a naked lady on the other (NANA AND GRANDPA WERE CLOSET PORN ADDICTS). We weren’t allowed to have those. And I remember sitting on her living room floor, and under the television was a cabinet where she had a bucket of monkeys game that Jay and I would play. That’s really all I remember of her.

I’m also learning from your blog… I can’t figure out who Grandma Madeline is? Is that Grandpa’s (my father’s) mom? (DUH… IT’S NOT LIKE I NEVER MENTIONED HER BEFORE… WHO DID YOU THINK THE OTHER OLD LADY IS IN YOUR MOM’S AND MY WEDDING PICTURES?) She must have died before I was born because I don’t remember her at all. But I will say that Madeline is Matt’s (HER FIANCE) favorite girl’s name, that’s what he wants to name our daughter. (NO SHE IS NOT PREGNANT.)
And other coincidences…
I also had a meeting at Panera in Bristol on Friday with a photographer at 6:30pm… (I HOPE HE PAID FOR YOUR DIET PEPSI… OH AND WHEN YOU MEET WITH THE DJ I NEED TO BE THERE TOO… I HAVE A FEW ITEMS I NEED TO ADDRESS) and I ran into my mom and Nellie while I was there! And I saw Kristi, Lori, and Aunt Lorraine at the Mum Parade… Kristi said she found out I was engaged from reading the blog.

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