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Red light

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

So I’m driving down RT 6 earlier on my way to 84 east. I was stopped at the light where the little hotel is on the right. The light was red… in fact it was an old red. A small truck passed me on the right, straight through the red light and on its way towards Rattlesnake Mountain. Thank God there was nobody crossing from either side.

I get totally STUPID when I see something like that happen. I tried to catch up to the truck at the next light but it just snuck through and I had to stop. I watched it disappear. To my surprise, I ended up right behind him a minute or two later. It turned quickly into the driveway of the Stone Well Restaurant and like an idiot I followed.

The truck turned around in the driveway and I pulled up and motioned that I wanted to chat. The windows were tinted so I couldn’t see inside. The window rolled down and the guy inside at the wheel was on a cell phone.

I rolled down my passenger side window and spoke first, “You ran through a red light back there.”

He told the person on the phone that he’d call back. “Oh really? And where was that?”

“A few lights back,” I motioned behind me.

“And you followed me all the way here?” He jumped out like he was ready to fight.

“Yeah, what are you doing going through red lights?”

He was pissed off and right up against my window, which now was about three inches from being completely closed, “I could have a gun in my truck for all you know and kill you.”

He was a wiry guy and acted like he’d been hooked to a caffeine I.V. all morning. I lied and said, “Well then you’d be in f**cking jail because I already called 911 and gave them your license plate number.”

He stared into my backseat. I was scared to shit because he seemed like he wanted to bust the window with his fist. He had a black sweatshirt that said Connecticut and under that were orange and red flames. Something was written under the flames but I don’t remember what it was. It could have been Harley or something motorcycles… I’m not really sure at all.

He paced a little bit and looked at my license plate behind the car. He said, “You shouldn’t be following people around.”

I said, “You shouldn’t be going through red lights. Somebody could have been killed.”

He was getting crazier by the second and shaking his finger at me as if to indicate that he’d be catching back up with me soon.

I wasn’t feeling too confident that I’d made a good decision by stopping so I began driving away. He was right behind me. I was hoping he’d follow because I hadn’t gotten his plate number.

I went right, he turned left and I could see him yelling and pointing as he crossed traffic on his way back from where he had come from.

It was a stupid thing to do on my part. If he’s a lunatic, I suppose there’s a chance I haven’t heard the last of him. I’m hoping he isn’t as crazy as he looked or acted.

That freaking vigilante streak is going to get me into trouble some day. Maybe I can be the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. How does RONATELLO sound?


The Ten year-old and I went out tonight and had a little fun. We threw eggs at the houses of the people that we don’t like. We soaped car windshields and threw toilet paper all over their trees and front lawns. He had a blast! I had fun too. It’s nice to be able to pass traditions down to your kids.

Then we went to find him a costume. We didn’t actually think he’d be Trick or Treating this year because of his poor showing in school so far. So we made a bet. If he could land a dozen eggs on a certain car in under thirty seconds (without missing or being caught), then he could buy a costume.

So we went to the first costume place at about 7:30pm. He didn’t like anything there. Well he liked a lot of things there, but I wasn’t paying the freaking prices that they wanted. So we went to another place down the street a couple of miles. He didn’t like anything in there either. So it was back to the first store. In the car he said to me, “Thanks for going out of your way like this for me Dad.”

Back at the first store there was a guy in his late thirties. He was trying on masks when we left the first time. He was still there forty-five minutes later. At one point he said to me, “Some things you just never outgrow.” I hope he outgrows it soon.

We finally settled on a skeleton mask, skeleton gloves, and fake blood. I pointed out to him on the way home that if you’re a skeleton, chances are you are way beyond the blood stage. He agreed. Maybe we’ll put it all over the dog. That would look cute. They make those axes that look like they are sticking out of your head. Maybe we can find one to fit her head.

So we get home and he tries on a black cape that he wore last year. He says, “Oh my God! This was loose on me last year and now it’s tight.” No kidding. Then he discovers it has a few rips in it. The meltdown of a ten year-old is not far away. The gloves are too big. Mom is bothering him about his homework. He hasn’t done his reading yet. His homework planner was left at school. Why is this child going out on Halloween? The eggs! The car! Twelve in thirty seconds!

Now Mom is beginning to melt down. I tell her I’m busy finishing up stuff for work tomorrow. This is a “work” computer. I can’t use it for anything else. The two of them are so close to a meltdown, I can feel the heat from their bodies. It feels good though. The heat isn’t on and I like how the warmth feels against my face.

So back to the dog for a minute. She almost died last night. It was past Mom’s bedtime and she was just getting ready to lay down when it happened. The dog pissed on the bed. Yeah… the comforter; the sheets, the thing that she puts over the thing that protects the mattress; they were all soaked.

I heard yelling and the dog came flying down the stairs and dove into her cage. I locked her in so the mother couldn’t get to her. The mother was fuming. The dog was shaking. I had to get between them and the mother finally gave up. I’m not sure where she slept. I stayed by the dog just in case.

Well by this time tomorrow night, we’ll be looking through candy to see which pieces were either possibly poisoned or could have a pin or razor blade inserted into them. Usually all of the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers look as if they were tampered with. It’s my job to be sure that everyone stays safe and I take it very seriously. I usually agree to dispose of the candy in question.

It’s going to be a full weekend. Saturday we’re going to Massachusetts to see family and then Sunday is another full day of youth football games. I’ll be sure to share those adventures with you.

I’m back

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Mud and Thunder

It’s been a long few days.

My newsletter got a few people upset by me referring to a football game as the Loser Bowl. OK so maybe I wouldn’t use those exact words again but the message was meant to be a positive one. I’ll let you decide for yourself.


Then I was in the middle to two coaches that wanted to fight each other. It’s been a whirlwind of emails and phone calls and protests and mean people saying mean things so I’m completely burned out over the entire situation.

If you are thinking of being on the board of a youth sports league, don’t freaking do it! Run away as fast as you possibly can and don’t look back. The kids are fabulous are as most of the parents and coaches. But the rest of them suck the joy and enthusiasm for the job right out of your body.

I’m still riding a wave of emotions here so pardon me if I sound upset. I’m not even going to rehash the details except to say that one coach approached another after a game and then they began shouting. Both had to be held back. I was stuck between them. I was yelling too. I was shouting to one of them to go home and for the other to keep walking away in the opposite direction.

They wouldn’t listen. It was more important for them to keep fighting and thus setting a bad example in front of the kids that look up to them and the parents that trust them with those kids. It blows my mind. I always feel bad for the coach that was baited. But just walk away. Stick your fingers in your ears… pull hard enough to snap the line… and swim to deeper water.

I’m just a little worn down after my wonderful adventures this weekend. Don’t give up on me!

The dog

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Minnie and Me

The dog bit the ten year-old today. I’m not sure why except maybe she thought the boy was trying to take something away from her. She was laying next to the electric heater when the attack occurred. I think she may have been a little too close because I could smell burning fur. But since she’s already black, I couldn’t really tell.     

 Dog 18

I have a brother-in-law that has some black fur on his back. I wonder if it keeps him warm on cold nights. When I don’t shave my ears for a couple of days it kind of looks like black fur is growing out of them. Then there’s a section of my nostrils, way, way up and inside, towards the tip. You can only see it if you kind of peel the top of the nostril upwards. I know this because once in a while the fur will appear just along the top ridge. I usually have to hold the corner up and stick my nose trimmer way up into it.   Nose

It’s tricky because the fur grows in a clump and there’s always a bugger or two hanging onto it. If I’m not careful and jab at it, there’s a chance I can miss my target completely and stab the inside of my nose causing it to bleed uncontrollably. I’m sure there is a large population of guys that have never even thought to look up there.

I don’t know anything…

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about the stock market. I have no idea what Dow J  8,519.21 (-5.69) means. I only know that I now have Aflac stock and even when most of the other stocks were -something, my Aflac stock was usually +something.

Today was different. When I checked my iTouch, it showed AFL 37.24 (-13.33). All I know is that the head guy at Aflac who is in charge of the stock stuff sent us all an email saying not to worry and everything was going to be OK.

I was comforted by his words. I just started playing this game and $210 is a lot of money to have floating around out there.

AAPL and YHOO were in green today, but GOOG and DIS were red. My only brother has DIS and has seemed a bit worried lately. I think he has a little more than $210 in this game.

I think Aflac gives me more money for this game every month. But I’m thinking if my iTouch keeps showing AFL (-something), I’d be better off using the money to bet on a football game or something. I don’t think we have that choice though.


Some of my TV shows have started their new seasons. The shows that I watch regularly are House, Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daisies, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, 24, and American Idol.

Grey’s was always a tough watch for me. I really only like McDreamy because he has a soothing voice and is a cyclist. DH is a favorite of mine although I had a little trouble adjusting to the five years later thing. I really liked Pushing Dasies last season but had trouble getting through the first two episodes this year. I’m not sure it’s even going to make it.

Lost is probably my very favorite and the one that drives me the craziest. I missed not having 24 on last year and wonder if it can recapture the intensity that has always kept me captivated.


Did I mention how sad I am that the Red Sox are not in the World Series? Poor Red Sox. Poor Red Sox fans. Poor little children that are forced into being Red Sox fans by their parents. I miss the freaking dirty, nasty helmets that haven’t been cleaned all year. Sooooo freaking sad.

Just in case…

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the last post was confusing… I AM A YANKEES AND NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS FAN!

 Yankees Giants 

Nothing much…

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Spoons: Our spoons are too freaking big. Not only are they too big but they are very wide. They are so wide that they cut into the corners of my mouth. I actually have a smaller than normal mouth. I’m serious. Nobody in the house believed me until the ten year-old’s orthodontist confirmed my claim. Smaller spoons please!

Lunch in Hartford: Two guys from the office went to a favorite eating spot in Hartford and asked if they would consider offering Aflac to their employees. When they were rudely turned away, they put their business cards into a box for a drawing of a lunch for ten. One of them won. They asked a bunch of us if we were able to attend and most of us are busy that day. My suggestion to them was to invite eight homeless guys and give them all an Aflac quacking duck to squeeze every five minutes from the time they walked in until the last piece of cheesecake was finished. Aflac… Aflac… Aflaaaaaaaac!!!

Red Sox fans: Oh well… at least Manny isn’t going to the World Series either. I like how Big Sloppy spits into his batting gloves before every pitch. It’s cute watching the eight year-olds at the Little League field doing the same thing. On Sunday afternoon 60% of the people I saw were wearing some sort of Sox clothing. I saw about five today. Hey the Pats won all but the last game of the season last year… that’s not too bad. You still have the Celtics. They DID win the last game of the season. The Yankees have won the last game of the season twenty-six times. In my lifetime the Yankees have been in eleven World Series and become World Champions six times. A Red Sox fan my same age got to see his team win two World Championships in five attempts.

Tired: My tongue keeps going to a really sharp part of a tooth. The only way I’m going to stop is if I go to bed now. I just had that tooth taken care of last week. I think they did it on purpose because we owe them money.

Giants: They won their very last game of the season last year.