Cold Stone Saturday

Posted: October 4, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, What I Ate Today

 Ice Cream Cone So I just dropped the ten year-old off at Laser Quest for a two-hour long birthday party. Now I have two hours to spend on the Berlin Turnpike which offers every store known to the Connecticut shopper. The problem is that I only have about $20 in my pocket. I need to buy a water bottle for the boy and some kind of powder for the dog. We are cutting her nails tonight and the powder will stop her from bleeding to death if we cut one too short. Well that’s what I’ve been told.

So being that the $20 is not going to be benefiting me today, I look through my wallet to see what gift certificates I have left. The first one I pull out is for Cold Stone which happens to be forty-five yards from Laser Quest. The twenty-three year-old had given it to me on my birthday. I walk in and join the rest of the chubby people, all waiting to create their own 2,000 calorie ice cream feast.

Well wouldn’t you know that Stone Cold also has WI-FI. Woo-hoo, lucky freaking me. So not only can I have my late lunch here, but in about 90 minutes I can have an early supper before picking up the boy. I still have over eight dollars left on my gift card. I can sit here all afternoon eating real ice cream and writing in my blog.

Well among the other items in my wallet is my membership card for Planet Fitness which is about 500 yards away from my seat position here at Stone Cold. Why didn’t I think of that before I left home? Instead of loading on over 5,000 calories by the time I leave this table, I could have burned about 500 at the gym and had a $5 foot-long at Subway. I could have gone from being plus-5,000 to breaking close to even.

Dicks is about 350 yards away so I still need to walk over there for the water bottle. That should burn about 25 whole calories. I might as well drive over there. I just noticed that even 9 out of the 10 kids that come into this place are chubby or worse.

My goodness look at the time. I actually have pains in my tummy from my ice cream lunch. God I hope I won’t have to use a public toilet. I’m going to have to hold it in. I’m going to hit the road now and get over to Dicks and Staples. I’ll have to revisit Stone Cold again during the next Laser Quest birthday party.

I could always bring something home for the wife… nah!


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