The Rays

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, What I Ate Today

Red Sox and Patriot fans have big mouths when they are winning. I haven’t heard much from my Patriot friends so far this year. I was hearing a lot from my Red Sox fans last week. Hmmm… not so much yesterday though and I’m thinking maybe not that much tomorrow either.

The Giants got killed last night and the Yankees are scattered about the Western hemisphere tonight. I still love them. I’ll talk about them all day long if you let me. Half of the fans at Fenway tonight were probably sitting in their living rooms in time to watch the second half of Eli Stone.

I can’t find any Patriot fans to reminisce with about the Super Bowl. They change the subject to last season’s World Series. (GAME UPDATE: Ortiz just turned an inside-the-park home run into a triple).

I had a very bad food day today. I bought donut holes for the guys at the construction site today. It’s bad enough when a dozen donuts are asking you to eat them, but when fifty holes are chanting, “Eat me Ron-nie… eat me Ron-nie, eat me Ron-nie,” it’s enough to blown your freaking mind to bits!

There was a nice mixture of chanting holes today: Halloween ones with orange and brown shots; chocolate glazed; regular glazed; creme-filled that were disguised as glazed; coconut; the ones with the little crunchies sticking to them; and a few others that I didn’t pay much attention to.

Well fifty donut holes were about twenty-five too many for the guys today. So instead of giving them away I took them with me and those motherbleepers wouldn’t shut the Hell up. So I ate them. And because I ate them I figured for lunch I’d stop at some place called Duchess. I won’t be going back. But I keep getting a mouthful of bacon and onion rings and my chest, neck, and back are killing me. So again I’m ignoring the signs of a heart attack and again you’ll just have to wait and see if there is another blog post tomorrow before you’ll know if it was the real thing or not. (GAME UPDATE: Rays 13, Sox 2.)

I have a dentist appointment at 8:30am. I wonder if they would charge for a missed appointment even if the reason that I missed it was because I either dropped dead or had an emergency double bypass?

I noticed the number of hits on this blog are going down. I guess people are sick of me already. Well that took longer than usual. Could it be that I’m too moody? People don’t like mood changes. I can’t control them though. If I’m happy, I’ll write happy stuff. If I’m unhappy I’ll try and write happy stuff for as long as I can (oh yuck… a mouthful of onion ring and chocolate donut hole) keep the bipolar traits in check. Well I know of at least five of you out there that are reading and that is good enough for me. It’s not like having fewer readers is going to push me to the brink of a freaking phycotic (odd word to spell) episode. Why the f**k should I care if they read this !*&%$#%@& blog.

Stupid idiots!

Yeah the Patriot fans don’t like talking about that game.


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