Hard Hat

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Politics, What I Ate Today

 Construction I felt like a real man today. I wore a hard hat. I needed it to get from my car to the trailer on a construction site without being yelled at. My hard hat was given to me by the owner of the company where the twenty-three year-old works.

It’s green and has a knob on the back that you can turn to adjust it to the size of your head. He must have given me a small one because even when I crank it all the way open it’s still a little snug.

Last week I noticed that some of the really cool construction workers had decorated their hard hats with little stickers. I don’t know what the stickers said on them. Maybe it’s like college and high school football. Whenever you make a good play or score a touchdown or the team plays well, you get a sticker for your football helmet. So maybe on the job, whenever a construction worker digs a really good hole or does an exceptional job grading the dirt pile, he gets a sticker for his helmet.

So I was able to set up in a trailer today unlike yesterday when I had a card table on the side of the road. This time instead of donuts I brought cashews and Power Bars. They loved them! I told them I stopped doing the donut thing months ago because it wasn’t a healthy choice and I’m all about making healthy food choices. They believed me in part because I had my keys next to me with my Planet Fitness card on the ring.

One of the guys I saw today was sixty-eight freaking years-old. He was fitter than most of the guys half his age. He said he was still working because he never saved anything in his youth. He needed to work to pay for his health insurance and mortgage. I asked him how much longer he planed on working. He told me until he dies. His mother is one-hundred years-old. But she’s unaware of anything that goes on around her. I offered him a hat or a quacking little duck. He took the duck for Mom.

The guys out on the job are beginning to understand the whole concept of buying more short-term disability. As much as the cost of living has risen lately, and they have very little extra money to play with, they are even more scared of being sick or disabled and unable to pay their bills. I gave them all hats.

Tomorrow I’m going out to businesses in the area. I hate doing it but I’m partnering up with a new woman in the office. She transferred to our team from another team a few weeks ago. She knows of my fear and is sweet enough to invite me out with her to try and erase that roadblock.

Speaking of roadblocks, one of these two Presidential candidates better toss a few in front of the other tonight during the debate. It’s almost time to vote. Somebody needs to show us something!

  1. we often tour, but for a slightly different reason…. i own
    , and we try and promote how important hard hats really are to the workers… it is amazing how many of them DO NOT always wear protection… when you go on tours be aware how that simple bit of plastic could save your life and take it seriously….

  2. Ariel West says:

    what color did they give you?

    some of the sites i tour give newbies PINK just so the guys watch out for them…

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