The dog

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Minnie and Me

The dog bit the ten year-old today. I’m not sure why except maybe she thought the boy was trying to take something away from her. She was laying next to the electric heater when the attack occurred. I think she may have been a little too close because I could smell burning fur. But since she’s already black, I couldn’t really tell.     

 Dog 18

I have a brother-in-law that has some black fur on his back. I wonder if it keeps him warm on cold nights. When I don’t shave my ears for a couple of days it kind of looks like black fur is growing out of them. Then there’s a section of my nostrils, way, way up and inside, towards the tip. You can only see it if you kind of peel the top of the nostril upwards. I know this because once in a while the fur will appear just along the top ridge. I usually have to hold the corner up and stick my nose trimmer way up into it.   Nose

It’s tricky because the fur grows in a clump and there’s always a bugger or two hanging onto it. If I’m not careful and jab at it, there’s a chance I can miss my target completely and stab the inside of my nose causing it to bleed uncontrollably. I’m sure there is a large population of guys that have never even thought to look up there.

  1. Eileen (Michael's mommy) says:

    That’s a little more information than I needed to know….yeah!!
    I miss hearing stories about your Nana & Grandpa

  2. Eileen (Michael's mommy) says:

    aww…I love the related posts to your story entitled “Deaf Girl Inspiration of Martin Luther King”….
    she is soooo right!!!

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