Halloween Eve

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Minnie and Me

The Ten year-old and I went out tonight and had a little fun. We threw eggs at the houses of the people that we don’t like. We soaped car windshields and threw toilet paper all over their trees and front lawns. He had a blast! I had fun too. It’s nice to be able to pass traditions down to your kids.

Then we went to find him a costume. We didn’t actually think he’d be Trick or Treating this year because of his poor showing in school so far. So we made a bet. If he could land a dozen eggs on a certain car in under thirty seconds (without missing or being caught), then he could buy a costume.

So we went to the first costume place at about 7:30pm. He didn’t like anything there. Well he liked a lot of things there, but I wasn’t paying the freaking prices that they wanted. So we went to another place down the street a couple of miles. He didn’t like anything in there either. So it was back to the first store. In the car he said to me, “Thanks for going out of your way like this for me Dad.”

Back at the first store there was a guy in his late thirties. He was trying on masks when we left the first time. He was still there forty-five minutes later. At one point he said to me, “Some things you just never outgrow.” I hope he outgrows it soon.

We finally settled on a skeleton mask, skeleton gloves, and fake blood. I pointed out to him on the way home that if you’re a skeleton, chances are you are way beyond the blood stage. He agreed. Maybe we’ll put it all over the dog. That would look cute. They make those axes that look like they are sticking out of your head. Maybe we can find one to fit her head.

So we get home and he tries on a black cape that he wore last year. He says, “Oh my God! This was loose on me last year and now it’s tight.” No kidding. Then he discovers it has a few rips in it. The meltdown of a ten year-old is not far away. The gloves are too big. Mom is bothering him about his homework. He hasn’t done his reading yet. His homework planner was left at school. Why is this child going out on Halloween? The eggs! The car! Twelve in thirty seconds!

Now Mom is beginning to melt down. I tell her I’m busy finishing up stuff for work tomorrow. This is a “work” computer. I can’t use it for anything else. The two of them are so close to a meltdown, I can feel the heat from their bodies. It feels good though. The heat isn’t on and I like how the warmth feels against my face.

So back to the dog for a minute. She almost died last night. It was past Mom’s bedtime and she was just getting ready to lay down when it happened. The dog pissed on the bed. Yeah… the comforter; the sheets, the thing that she puts over the thing that protects the mattress; they were all soaked.

I heard yelling and the dog came flying down the stairs and dove into her cage. I locked her in so the mother couldn’t get to her. The mother was fuming. The dog was shaking. I had to get between them and the mother finally gave up. I’m not sure where she slept. I stayed by the dog just in case.

Well by this time tomorrow night, we’ll be looking through candy to see which pieces were either possibly poisoned or could have a pin or razor blade inserted into them. Usually all of the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfingers look as if they were tampered with. It’s my job to be sure that everyone stays safe and I take it very seriously. I usually agree to dispose of the candy in question.

It’s going to be a full weekend. Saturday we’re going to Massachusetts to see family and then Sunday is another full day of youth football games. I’ll be sure to share those adventures with you.

  1. Eileen (Michael's mommy) says:

    OMG..your wife deserves a vacation
    a few days of peace and quiet with no homework, no kids, no husband and no dog
    hmm…actually i could use that too
    i’ll join her 🙂

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