Red light

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

So I’m driving down RT 6 earlier on my way to 84 east. I was stopped at the light where the little hotel is on the right. The light was red… in fact it was an old red. A small truck passed me on the right, straight through the red light and on its way towards Rattlesnake Mountain. Thank God there was nobody crossing from either side.

I get totally STUPID when I see something like that happen. I tried to catch up to the truck at the next light but it just snuck through and I had to stop. I watched it disappear. To my surprise, I ended up right behind him a minute or two later. It turned quickly into the driveway of the Stone Well Restaurant and like an idiot I followed.

The truck turned around in the driveway and I pulled up and motioned that I wanted to chat. The windows were tinted so I couldn’t see inside. The window rolled down and the guy inside at the wheel was on a cell phone.

I rolled down my passenger side window and spoke first, “You ran through a red light back there.”

He told the person on the phone that he’d call back. “Oh really? And where was that?”

“A few lights back,” I motioned behind me.

“And you followed me all the way here?” He jumped out like he was ready to fight.

“Yeah, what are you doing going through red lights?”

He was pissed off and right up against my window, which now was about three inches from being completely closed, “I could have a gun in my truck for all you know and kill you.”

He was a wiry guy and acted like he’d been hooked to a caffeine I.V. all morning. I lied and said, “Well then you’d be in f**cking jail because I already called 911 and gave them your license plate number.”

He stared into my backseat. I was scared to shit because he seemed like he wanted to bust the window with his fist. He had a black sweatshirt that said Connecticut and under that were orange and red flames. Something was written under the flames but I don’t remember what it was. It could have been Harley or something motorcycles… I’m not really sure at all.

He paced a little bit and looked at my license plate behind the car. He said, “You shouldn’t be following people around.”

I said, “You shouldn’t be going through red lights. Somebody could have been killed.”

He was getting crazier by the second and shaking his finger at me as if to indicate that he’d be catching back up with me soon.

I wasn’t feeling too confident that I’d made a good decision by stopping so I began driving away. He was right behind me. I was hoping he’d follow because I hadn’t gotten his plate number.

I went right, he turned left and I could see him yelling and pointing as he crossed traffic on his way back from where he had come from.

It was a stupid thing to do on my part. If he’s a lunatic, I suppose there’s a chance I haven’t heard the last of him. I’m hoping he isn’t as crazy as he looked or acted.

That freaking vigilante streak is going to get me into trouble some day. Maybe I can be the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. How does RONATELLO sound?


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