Posted: November 2, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Last Christmas we bought the ten year-old a Nintendo DS and an iPod.

About two months later they were both gone. He blamed his mom. She would take them both away from him whenever he got in trouble. Usually she put them on top of the refrigerator but after a while she began to hide them. More than once she’d forget where she hid them. (We’ve begged her to stop drinking.)

One day they were gone. Mom swore she had not hidden them this time. We checked everywhere.

Finally we decided to blame his weird little friend. The same kid that fishes with us. He has taken a couple of smaller items in the past.

Weirdo’s mom even got a call and said she’d check his room. She never did get back to us. The kid was baned from the house for about a month. Eventually we let him come back over to play but we would pat him down before he left.

The ten year-old had enough birthday money to buy a new DS and I think we got him another iPod as a gift.

The night before Halloween, Mom was in the basement getting the Halloween junk. I heard her yell, Oh my God… Holy Shit!

I thought either a pipe burst and she was walking in a foot of water or that she was pissed off about something.

She came upstairs with the plastic bucket thing that we put candy in for the little brats that come to the door. She told me to look inside. Yup… the freaking DS and iPod were in it.

The pitiful part of the story isn’t that we blamed the rotten neighbor kid, but that the candy bucket was still upstairs five months after Halloween.

My wife’s middle name is Clutter. The only way the clutter gets put away is if I do it or if it grows legs and walks down to the basement.

Now she can’t find one of her wallets that she got as a Christmas gift. I’m thinking she’ll find it when we set up the tree later this month.

  1. karen says:

    Auntie Karen can use an Ipod, I only have a cheapy mp3!

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