Posted: November 9, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Mud and Thunder

The Trade Show was disappointing as far as the amount of people that attended. I doubt they collected enough cans of food to even feed a family of two for three days.

The show was not a complete waste of my time though. I met a lot of other vendors and made some contacts that could turn into some possible business for me. It cost me $60 for the table and about another $20 for the items that I raffled away so I’ll just have to stop bringing flowers home for my wife every night.

My ankle was feeling like it was full of cement by the time I arrived home and sure enough it was swollen for the first time in months.

Sunday morning began earlier than normal because the five and six year-olds in our Flag Football League play their last game of the season every year on the high school field. I call it The BIG Game (OK so I’m not ALWAYS clever). We give them a sample of what it will be like when they become tackle football players. The kids are all announced individually and get to pick nicknames. So skinny little Johnny Smith can be announced to the rabid crowd as Johnny “I beat the Hell out of my sister” Smith. 

The day ended eight and a half hours and another swollen ankle later when the last player handed in his equipment on this, the last day of the season. Praise God.


OK NBC, you’ve got me curious enough to tune in next Thursday at 10pm to see how the heck you plan on bringing dead Dr. Green back for an episode of ER. I haven’t watched the show for over a year but I’ve got to see this. I took it extremely hard when he died. I remember the show ending with Somewhere Over the Rainbow being sung by that really really fat Hawaiian guy (he’s dead in real life).


So for the past couple of days there’s been a puddle next to the refrigerator. At first we thought the dog had gone pee-pee there or that the ten year-old had spilled something and just went on with his day without saying anything to us.

But now we’re quite sure that it’s water. OMG we don’t need to have to replace the freaking refrigerator right now! Some very good friends of ours returned home one day to find that their refrigerator flooded the first floor and leaked through the ceiling of the basement and ruined the carpet down there.

So this could be a wonderful opportunity for us. The carpet and flooring are about twenty years-old. Can you see where I’m going with this? Maybe it was dog pee or maybe the boy did spill something and didn’t tell us. How should I know? I’m not a freaking refrigeration diagnostic expert.

I thought I just read someplace that everything of value in your home should be on wooden blocks just in case a liquid disaster strikes. It never hurts to be proactive.


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