The decorations

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Everything is on the tree. We have a little stocking with my mom’s name (Toby) written in glitter. She’s been dead for a long time but we like to remember her this time of the year because she always bought great presents. Actually we liked her for more reasons than that but it’s the holiday season so the gifts come to mind.

We’ve always had the youngest child put the Toby stocking on the tree first but this year the ten year-old thought that I should do it (how sweet).

I’m in charge of MY ornaments. I have bicycles of all types and I place them on the tree as though they are in a race. I also have a Kermit the Frog ornament collection and they also have to be together on the tree. And then I have a few others that I’ve had for years. One is an owl (my mom loved owls), and it’s an older owl sitting on a branch and reading to a younger owl. I have another ornament with two mice playing Scrabble (my favorite board game).

So that’s done and now we keep the tree up until the day after Christmas. My only sister and I always have a kind of unwritten contest every year. We see who can take their tree down first. I quit competing either last year or the year before when I called and she said she had already taken it down on Christmas night. How can I compete with that?

The good thing about putting the other decorations around the living room was that it reminded me that we hadn’t dusted in a while. I thought about not dusting because everything had been outlined so nicely that it would have made it easier to remember where to put things back later.

My mom didn’t care much for dusting either. Sometimes I wonder if that’s why I have allergies. The ten year-old hasn’t shown any signs of allergies yet so maybe my theory is wrong. I sure hope so because the freaking sniffles can drive a kid nuts.

I always felt bad for those people with allergies to nuts. Nuts are EVERYWHERE. I can’t eat walnuts because they make my throat and ears itch to the point where I have to jab my eardrums with Q-Tips. I know it’s not the best thing for my ears but sometimes I have no choice.

Make sure you take a little time to relax during the upcoming weeks. The holidays have a way of making all of us a little nutty.


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