Don’t trust caller ID

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Now I hate Kids

So we get a few calls around here during the day from people trying to collect money that we owe to them. I can’t blame them because if they owed me money I’d be calling them every day too.

But something really stinks when the caller ID reads SPEC OLY CT. It turns out it was another debt collector! It wasn’t even a Connecticut area code and that’s how I became suspicious.

I picked up the phone and a recording began to play advising me that I needed to call a certain number regarding a personal matter.

What next?

Here’s what I expect…

The ten year-old’s irritating little friend calls ten times a day. I pick up the phone and usually say, Hi irratating little kid, Matt’s not home right now but don’t call us again for at least another week.

He’ll usually wait another two hours and then call again but at least I know it’s him. Well that’s what I thought before all of this trickery with the caller ID.

Picture this… the phone rings…

Hi Matt’s dad.

Hi annoying kid, Matt’s not home right now.

Well I really wasn’t calling about that.

So then what the Hell do you want this time?

Well this call may be recorded because it is intended to collect a debt. You’re two months behind on your car loan through Chase Manhattan and six months behind on your Kohl’s charge account. Please call them before 10 o’clock EST. When Matt gets home can he come out and play?

Just shoot me now.


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