Posted: December 12, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I went corporate dropping on the Silas Deane Highway in Wethersfield. I’ve partnered with a financial guy named Joe. He’s also from Farmington. We met at a Farmington Chamber of Commerce event and are not only working together but have become friends.

Joe’s about ten times as smart as I am. If you need any type of advice about ANYTHING from stocks to retirement plans to real estate, he is the guy to see. I would trust him with my last penny.

It was rainy and windy. We started by going into the Lacava Building and meeting Joe Lacava himself. Twenty years ago Mr. Lacava owned a ton of properties. Today he’s almost seventy years old. I can’t imagine he’s aged much in the past twenty years. He’s as sharp as he is fit.

The man has been to eighty different countries. The mere mention of Albania has him drawing a map on the counter top with his finger. He traces the coastlines of four countries and gives a detailed description and history. He knows the capital cities, religions, and languages spoken.

His wife has been to sixty of the countries and as Mr. Lacava says, “When I want to take off to a destination, she says, ok you’ve been a pretty good husband.” And they are off.

Mr. Lacava was interested in our heritages, wives, children, parents, and anything else that would give him a complete picture of who we were. I could have spent the day with him.

Later on we walked into a barbershop and spoke with Omar (I think that was his name). He had just finished with an older gentleman and we overheard him talking about a three-week vacation.

Omar was going home to Egypt soon. He would be seeing his six month-old daughter for the first time. His family was still waiting for their visas and were at least a year away from coming here.

His delightful smile held us captive but never more than with the mention of finally being able to hold his daughter. We wished him a safe trip and told him we’d be there for him with our services as his business grew.

We spoke to the manager of a store whose handicap did not get in the way of him performing his duties. I knew there had to be a fantastic story attached to his success and wish I had the time to talk with him further. Having worked eighteen years in my previous profession, I felt a sense of pride to think of the barriers that he must have overcome.

We walked into at least thirty businesses, probably more. We worked well together, knowing when to back off and let the other speak and when to rescue the other. I’m looking forward to more of the same with Joe.

I got home and then was off to an after-hours Farmington Chamber of Commerce meet and greet at the Farmington Inn.

I won the first raffle and chose the Farmington Inn bathrobe. I figured it would be the only way I’d ever have such a nice robe without stealing one.

I thought I was going to be leaving without having made any business contacts when an older gentleman approached me. He was the new VP of the Chamber and as luck would have it, took my wedding pictures more than twenty five-years ago.

He asked how I was doing and I told him how I need new companies to open. He immediately handed me his card and told me to call him for an appointment and we’d talk about places for me to call on. My night was saved by a chance meeting.

The night was still not over as I had to dash home and pick up the ten year-old for basketball practice.

I can tell the ball is getting ready to bounce my way soon. Let me shoot!


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