Posted: January 2, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

This is for my oldest Godchild, Arabella.

She is very smart.

And really, really cute…

 Butterfly Glitter Cute 

She is going to have a hard time keeping boyfriends when she gets older because her daddy will probably beat them all up…
 Wise Guy 

She watches all of the Miami Dolphins games with him.

For good luck, Bella’s daddy wears the same underware every Sunday for the season without washing them…

The Dolphins have a really big game coming up against the Ravens.

I hope the Dolphins win so Bella’s daddy doesn’t look like this…
 Grrr or this…  Sad or this…  Crying 1 

Yup… I sure do hope that the Dolphins win!

I bet Bella will be wearing her new Dolphins outfit that her Auntie gave her for Christmas. She looked very cool in it on Christmas Eve.

Did I tell you that Bella is the smartest girl in her ENTIRE school?

That’ because she studies a lot…
 Studying  Studying  Reading  Computing 

Bella plays sports too…
 Tennis  Tee Off 1 

I bet one day she might even be the President of the United States if she wants to…
 Star 11 

But she won’t have a beard!

OK it’ time for me to get back to work…

See ya soon Bella!
 Big Hug  



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