The Ankle Tumor Appointment

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Ankle

So I saw the tumor doctor today for my ankle. I was convinced before I got there that he was going to want to chop it off and shove a fake foot on the end.


Well the news was a little better. I will have surgery on Friday, December 30th to remove the new tumor. There are two scenarios that are possible. He won’t know which one he’ll be dealing with until he begins poking around in there.


The first one is the more favorable of the two. He would go in, chop the old cement out, yank the tumor out, blast it all with a laser, and then fill the spaces with more cement. That procedure would mean I’d be on crutches for four to six weeks.


The second scenario would kind of suck. He would go in and hack away at the cement still. But it is very likely that the remaining bone of my ankle socket would crumble. That would mean having to put a dead person’s freaking bone in there (I asked for the bone of a former tri-athlete or some other athletic stud).


He would fuse that together with my own bone and some screws and plates and whatever else he has hanging around I guess. I would then be on crutches for about three months!


In either case the ankle is still shot. No running, jumping rope, or playing hopscotch. If I’m not careful it will crumble and I’ll go down in a heap.


I will still be able to swim and bicycle though. But again, I’ll have to wait until everything is healed before putting any pressure on it.


The tumor is very aggressive and as I’ve said in the past, it affects about one in a million people. It’s not unusual that it has returned and there’s a good chance it will want to visit again. Usually after a couple years of this, it will give up. There is little chance that it will be cancerous.


I’m even more worried about the affect all of this is going to have on my earning ability. I do not have any type of disability insurance. I need to drive in order to make money. I have a few ideas about how to get from place to place. I learned how to drive with my left foot last year but am told that I can get myself into a little bit of trouble if something were to go wrong.


Now more than ever I can use your help in getting referrals for my business. My target groups are businesses that have between 3 and 500 employees. That’s it! I just need a foot in the door and I’ll do the rest. I’ll hopefully be working with another agent in my office that will be able to drive me to appointments, but I’m still working on that.


I was lectured by friends and family last week when I didn’t go to them before running out of oil and almost busting our pipes (sounds painful). So I won’t make the same mistake again. If I can just open a few accounts a month, we should be able to get through this. But as most of you know, I have issues with making calls and have relied on networking and referrals.


I’m sorry that I have to ask for this favor but I want to get through this by staying busy and making money despite the obvious limitations I could be facing.


And if anyone has any good, strong cadavers lying around in the basement, I’d like to check them out. I’d rather know where they are coming from opposed to getting something shoved into my ankle that came out of a stranger’s body.


So all and all, it was good news today if you consider what most people hear when they are told that they have a rare tumor. And for that I am very, very grateful.


I’m planning to look and feel my best EVER when I walk my daughter down the isle in October!  

  1. Eric says:

    Hi Ron – I’m glad they aren’t going to do anything barbaric, but I’m also sad you have to go through this again. Hey, do you mean January 30th? Your post says December 30, and that’s a long way away if the tumor is aggressive. If it’s in 10 days, my prayers are with you, and as one Aflac agent to another, I’ll help however I can. At least there are a lot more of us in the office for this go-round.


  2. 24-year old says:

    And dance to that song you spent 2 years picking out!

  3. muchblahaboutus says:

    I just got rid of my basement-stored cadavers last week, if I knew ahead of time you would be needing to inspect them I would have waited a bit longer before hauling them out to the wood chipper in back. On the bright side though, my compost pile is doing rather well now despite the cold.

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