Shower Liner

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

We decided to splurge this weekend and buy the Heavy Duty Shower Liner. I don’t know what made us do it. I think we must have been feeling a little crazy. The extra $2.50 was a bit of a hit to the budget but we figured it would have a longer life and save us money in the long run.

All of my showering life I have had the same ritual. I start the water, close the liner and curtain, and then wet the wall down at each end so that the liner sticks to it and doesn’t allow any water out.

I believe this habit began at a very young age when my brother, sister, and I were continually getting in trouble for letting water out of the shower. Back then, the bathroom floor tile was always falling apart in the apartment that we lived in. And whenever water escaped the tub, it would end up leaking through and dripping into the bathroom below. Once in a while it would get into the light fixture and cause sparks.

That is how the habit began. So this morning I wet the walls as usual. I placed the liner against the wall and began to smooth it down. And then I felt them. SUCTION CUPS! The edge of the liner had three or four suction cups on each end!

Who in the hell was brilliant enough to think of that and why did it take them so long? Why didn’t I think of it? Why didn’t my mother or father think of it? It would have saved them hours of screaming their freaking heads off.

Has this fabulous feature been around for a while? Am I just discovering it because I finally upgraded to the Heavy Duty Shower Liner?

I don’t suppose it matters how or why the Heavy Duty Shower Liner and I were finally brought together. The important thing is that it happened.

  1. muchblahaboutus says:

    I had my first one of these suction cup shower curtains as early as 8 years ago, although they are hard to find. Good times getting that one! I wish I had one now, its just a regular old shower curtain in our bathroom now.

  2. Kristen says:

    lmao Ron… they have been around awhile, and I have to tell you that I took a crazy pill Sunday morning and went to Walmart for exactly the same reason. I, however, splurged on the cloth liner that can double as a curtain or a liner, thinking that not only would it last longer, but that I could wash it with bleach! AND, it has the scution cups too! I have to tell you that I did the same comparison shopping you must have done and the cloth one was I think just inder $10 compared to the $6 heavy duty one. You should consider for next time. I’ll let you know how it works out for me, I don’t get how it isn’t going to leak, being cloth and all!

  3. Kristen says:

    OK Ron, the cloth “liner/curtain” is useless as a liner… I should have just gone with the heavy duty like you did… I am now reliving the experience of your parents, with water all over my thank-goodness-not-tiled bathroom floor… oh well, I guess it’s back to the store I go!

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