When are you too old to have a tantrum?

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Ankle

I always feel that if I give my business to a company, they should at least sit with me and hear about what I have to offer them.

Well… I did have an initial meeting with a certain credit union that I belong to. I met with the assistant to the BIG boss. She was loving Aflac, especially because they have no disability insurance and she knew several young ladies were planning on starting families in the near future. The disability plan would pay them while they were out on maternity leave.

Well the BIG boss said no without even meeting with me. So I took my $39.12 out of there quicker than you can say “A-Roid”.

A few months later we got a letter saying we owed them $40.00 for a check that got posted after I grabbed my cash out of there.

So I got into my car, crutches and all, and drove to pay my debt. As I wrote a check out, the ugly woman across from me said I had to pay with cash because there was a chance that the check could bounce.

I told her we’ve been members there forever and they knew where to find me if they needed to do so.

“Well there was a reason why we closed your account,” the ugly one said.

“YOU didn’t close MY account. I didn’t want to be a member of this STUPID place anymore,” I said. “I want to see your supervisor.”

“OK Sir but she’ll tell you the same thing that I did,” she mumbled as her ugly eyes searched the room before standing up and walking away on her ugly legs.

The only thing I liked about this credit union was that they had those really BIG lolly-pops with the thick sticks that didn’t shred in your mouth when wet.

Maybe she walked past a mirror and noticed just how ugly she really is because she was taking a long time and I was growing impatient. So I grabbed two handfuls of lollypops and put them in my pants pockets. Then I grabbed two more handfuls and shoved them in my jacket pockets.

By now I had the attention of several other patrons, some of which seemed concerned about there being enough lolly-pops left for them.

I grabbed my crutches and headed through the first set of doors and pushed myself through with a stiff shoulder!

What happened next is something that I’m not very proud of. But it had to be done. On my way down the hallway leading to the doors that would lead me to freedom, I pulled two of the BIG lolly-pops out, opened them, and whipped them to the hard floor. They exploded into little tiny pieces all across the hallway.

I gave the doors a hard cross-check with my left crutch and skipped down the ramp faster than my crutches could keep up.

I found the car and collapsed in the seat and in seconds was heading to my safe-house.

Yes it was a tantrum. But a tantrum that was worth the great risk of hurting the ankle that was surgically repaired only one week earlier.

Sometimes you just have to show them that you’re just not going to take anymore of their crap! And what is better than unleashing a good old-fashioned tantrum?


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