Those amazing little tumors

Posted: February 11, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Ankle

It’s fascinating how these tumors attack the bone. Last year the tumor had grown to the point where it was wrapped all around and through the bone as well as the tendons and whatever else was in the way.


This time there were two much smaller tumors that found the bone on the other side of the cement and began burring two little holes into it. Even the doctor was impressed and why shouldn’t he be? It’s almost a 1 in a million chance that he’d see this type of tumor.


It didn’t compromise the ankle joint itself. If that were to happen again, we’ll be talking about something altogether different.


So I have a boot on again but can’t put weight on it for 4-6 weeks. I’ll be using my crutches and shouldn’t drive (yeah… sure).


He won’t be surprised if it keeps coming back. We’ll just have to monitor it from here on out.


That’s about it… nothing too exciting unless you’re into creepy, burring, reoccurring, annoying little tumors.


  1. the daughter says:

    I love the smiley on crutches

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