Pain meds can be addicting

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Ankle

I’ll make this post short and tart.

I totally understand now how people can become addicted to pain meds.

After my surgery almost three weeks ago, I was sent home with some top-shelf pain medication. They were very low doses. And I must say, any time you have any type of invasive surgery, I don’t think anyone can blame you for taking them.

So this was the second time in a year that I’ve had bone-munching tumors removed from my ankle and I was definitely in a wee bit of pain for a couple of weeks. Not to mention (but I will mention) the fact that I am a terrible patient and was trying to do daily chores just a few days after the operation.

So the freaking meds were great man. Like really freaking great especially when you’d like to be outside doing anything else but elevating your foot higher than your heart to keep the swelling down.

So, like… wow man… the meds just take you for a teeny weeny little ride to a happy place and makes the pain go bye-bye. “Bye-bye pain. See you later just before the next happy pill.”

Anyway… yeah… like you keep taking them and taking them and then even when there’s no pain you take them because the bottle isn’t empty yet.

So I decided to cut the dosage down slowly over about three days. Well, I did take an extra one on a day when I tried to make a couple of cold calls (you can read all about cold calls if you scroll down the page).

Two days ago I stopped altogether. One day ago I felt very depressed. I was tired. I couldn’t concentrate. I wanted to throw my crutches through the window. Today I stayed in bed until 10am. I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. I was dizzy. Everything in the world was bothering me.

Did I say I was going to keep this short?

The lesson is this: yes pain pills are great. If I could, I would be wasted all day long and probably love it.

The lesson is this: hmm… not sure what the lesson is because if you need the freaking pills then I guess you have to take them and then stop taking them when the pain is gone. Hmm (again)… that’s what I did.

OK, anyway… i think I’m feeling a little better now. I’ll set the alarm for 630am, risk my life taking a shower on crutches, and then try and do what I have to do to make money.

If I fall in the shower and break something… oh well… there’s always pain meds to get me through the day.


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