Pay no attention to the man behind the keyboard

Posted: February 24, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

He didn’t mean to hit the PUBLISH button and expose you all to the rhyme below.

The fact is that I am waiting to finish a Scrabble game on Facebook but my opponent is not around. That’s the problem with people that you don’t know. They don’t know that you’re waiting for them.

I like making words with little tiles. I like how the tiles rise and then fall into place with a star displaying your score for that word.

I like how you can hit SHUFFLE and the tiles on your rack jump over each other and switch places.

Speaking of racks. I’ve played against a few different women and at one time or another they all say, “I have a terrible rack” or “I hate my rack.” I laugh out-loud every time. I feel like typing, “They make special bras for that” or “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” But I don’t even know these people. So I resist the urge.

So that’s my Scrabble story tonight. If you like playing Scrabble and promise not to be too self-conscious about your rack, I’d love to play sometime.

I guess I’ll go to bed now. Jack Bauer has made the country safe again… at least until next Monday night.


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