The countdown begins

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Ankle

Only one week to go until my “two sneakers” appointment.

Having spent five months of the past year on crutches, I’m just a little bit excited to get rid of them. My only roadblock could be a less than favorable X-ray.

I’m optimistically cautious. The twice-cut scar is a little bumpy and kind of hurts… a little… just sometimes. There’s still some swelling… and sometimes it hurts to the touch… just sometimes though… not always… like maybe half of the time. I’m sure it’s normal… I mean think about it… it’s the second time in a year that it’s been cut open. I doubt any of this is a result of being overactive. DON’T EVEN GO THERE!

OK, so I’m not exactly a model patient and probably didn’t do exactly what the doctor told me to. But I tried… I really did.

I tried sitting on the couch for hours with my foot elevated higher than my heart. I tried not to drive. I tried not to shop. I tried not to sweep my father’s basement before he moved. I tried not to take the trash out and walk on the ice to get to the shed. I swear I tried not to rearrange everything that got moved over to my basement and back porch.

I really, really tried not to fix the snow-blower (what a disaster that turned out to be). Then I tried not to bring the laundry up and down the stairs.

So you see? I’ve been trying my best to deal with this “situation.”

If the X-ray happens to come back showing the doc that it’s not quite healed yet, I’m just going to shrug my shoulders and say, “But I tried.”

And then I’ll probably cry.

  1. Kristen says:

    😦 I feel ya! It’s so hard not to do all that stuff, it’slike it calls your name out when you are doing all you can to be “good”. I hope you get a good report, and I think you’re right, what can you expect from a twice in one year surgery?!

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