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Posted: March 18, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Adventures on a Bike, My Ankle

So I unexpectedly found a dear friend this morning that I have not seen in over five years. We are getting together Sunday morning for breakfast. I’m not going to divulge the meeting spot in this forum. And remember, I have Secret Service agents protecting me now and they WILL use force if necessary.

I’ve been on two sneakers for a week now. My ankle is still very tender and I’m walking with a limp but I think it’s getting better. Well… there is one little problem now… at one end of the scar there is a huge lump. The tumor doc said not to worry about it unless it began to ooze junk out of it. So wouldn’t you know, last night I reached down and discovered it was leaking. I’m going in to see him tomorrow and I have a feeling he is going to stick a needle in it… or slice it open… or something that will make me freaking queasy. He says it’s no big deal but this is a doctor that pulls tumors out of people all day. If I don’t have a panic attack and pass out, I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow.

Dad is still in the hospital and I don’t even want to go into all of his issues. They’re doing tests and surgical procedures and who knows what else. I just know that as long as the doc doesn’t call to say he died, he’ll probably be at my son’s baseball games this spring.

Oh, like a fool I tried to ride my bike last Saturday. The doctor didn’t say not to, so I figured it would be OK. Yes I know I’m a stubborn, impatient moron so please keep those comments to yourself. Anyway, it hurt. I tried using mostly my left leg for pedaling but the right one still had to go through the motions. If you are familiar with the terrain around my house, you know that there is nothing flat about it. So that didn’t help the situation at all. I rode between 3-5 miles. I’m not sure exactly because the batteries in my bicycle computer were dead.

Just a reminder that I will be doing a 100-mile bike ride sometime in early September (as long as another tumor doesn’t appear) to celebrate my good fortunes of having three tumors, none of which were cancerous. I have at least one friend riding with me but want as many people as possible to join in the fun (and pain, sweat, blood, etc). I’ve chosen a course that is FLAT to ROLLING HILLS. There are no killer hills. I’m also thinking of having a 50-mile route for those that don’t want to attempt the 100-mile ride. I just think it will be a great way to push our bodies further than we think they will go. Why? Because we are healthy and we CAN! I’ve only done it once before and I can tell you that it’s something you’ll always remember and something that most of your friends will have a hard time believing. I’ll pass along more info as I figure it out.

Help me out with this one. So you are beautiful, blond, great body, and can sing… so what do you do? You have this huge freaking tattoo stamped onto your shoulder and most of your arm… a really, really dark tattoo. If you watch American Idol you know what I’m talking about. And I hate to say this but if the blind guy wasn’t blind, do you think he would have gotten this far in the competition?

OK… you’ve just wasted five minutes of your life reading this stupid blog… soooo… will you come back again? Please?

  1. Karen....your "hair guru" says:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree about the blind guy on Idol. Surely there’s a sympathy vote issue. He’s NOT that good.
    And as for gorgeous Meghan’s horrendous tattoo……..what a shame.

  2. Eric says:

    Well, I was all ready to say exactly what was typed above by Karen. I wonder how many of the other American Idol fans feel the same way. The scoring came out just about the way I picked it, except I thought the guy would be out and not the girl.

    An interesting side story is that there was a story that was all over the Internet about how the finalists were already picked, and Alexis was one of the ones pre-picked, but her ‘do or die’ performance convinced them not to save her.

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