The never-ending ankle situation

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, My Adventures on a Bike, My Ankle

Yup it’s back into the OR on Friday (that’s OPERATING ROOM for those of you that do not frequent them often).

This time it’s for a simple I & D. That, my friends, is surgical people talk for INCISION and DRAINAGE.

The sharp, pointy things didn’t work very well last week and the lump beneath my scar came back and is bigger and better than ever!

We are officially calling the lump a “mass”. The plan is to go in and clean everything out from beneath the scar. Cultures will then be taken of the “mass” and that’s about the time I spaced-out and don’t recall what else he said.

As long as “biopsy” and “tumor” aren’t a part of the discussion, I don’t really care what the hell he does in there.

I don’t even know how long I’ll need crutches this time. I’m thinking by Monday I’ll be back in two sneakers again.

My cycling partner, Lance (Armstrong), broke his collarbone and just had surgery on it yesterday. So we both expect to be back on our bikes in time for the Giro and then I’ll help Lance win his 8th Tour de France in July.

I hope you’ll tune in and watch the race. Just so you’re not confused, I’ll be the chubbier of the two.


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