Ice Fishing

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Fishin' with the Ten year-old

I don’t know who invented ice fishing but I wish they would have asked my permission before telling the 11 year-old about it.

Here’s how it works on the lake near my house.  We put three layers of clothes on.  The boy gathers his stuff.  I pack something to drink and eat into my Cabella’s bag (having something from Cabella’s gives you instant “lake cred”).

I get into the warm car and drive to the lake but make the boy walk the half of mile so that the frigid air begins to break him down before he even arrives. 

A cigar-smoking 17 year-old is always there with his gas-powered drill.  Without him we’d be unable to fish.  He makes the holes in the ice.  I can only hope that his smoking habit will take its toll before next winter. 

So today I took a chair and a blanket.  I took my iPod Touch too.  I sat in my chair and put the blanket over my head.  I played Scrabble until my naked hand needed coverage. 

The lake is within walking distance of the house.  I can see it during the winter from my front porch.  There was at least a 20 degree difference between my front porch and the middle of the lake. 

There was not even a slight breeze as I left the house.  The wind on the middle of the lake was blowing snow crystals through my layers of fabric. 

Yes, Ice Fishing is probably a wonderful activity if you are in one of those warm lake tents with a TV and some finger food.  It’s probably even more enjoyable if you’re drunk out of your mind.

I spent two hours today on a large ice-cube in Unionville, CT.  It was cold and windy and the 11 year-old loved every minute of it. 

Imagine if he actually catches a fish!


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