My Ride

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Won’t you take a ride with me?
The Brace
“I’m too sexy for my brace… too sexy for my brace.”


"On your left!" Passing under RT 4.


OMG I was wrong! They didn't even begin work on it yet!

The Farmington River from RT 4.

So peaceful.

Back on the trail.

The sun sneaking through just a bit.

Time check.

Things in the rearview mirror are thinner than they appear.

Almost fell taking this one.

"Ghost Rider" by RUSH

"Headstrong" by TRAPT

Still not much pain.

Cute family.


"Open Your Eyes" by STAIND

"The Space Between" by DMB

"Walk On" by U2

Brace sponsered by UnderArmour

Perfect spot to rest.

"Get Out Alive" by THREE DAYS GRACE


View from above.

Time check again.

"Take a Breath" by David Gilmour

Looks like fun.

The famous Farmington Big Bird Bridge.

Sometimes I prefer a Slow Hump.

Riverside Mini Golf

Don't touch the big cables!

Back at the Bike Shed.

My "Everything Bike." Almost 20 years old.

Come on in.

More of my friends.

The Wall of Honor

More stuff...

I love this poster.

Thanks for riding with me!

  1. muchblahaboutus says:

    Fantastic. Glad to see an entry here again. Great pictures and I am pleased with all the songs you mentioned. Good to be back on the old bike huh? Whats next on the ankle agenda?

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