The Unspoken Routine

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

They appear to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They are probably Seniors in high school or just beginning college.

She has an athletic build- strong legs and upper body- perhaps 5’5″ and about 120 lbs. She never smiles- so serious.

He is rather large- like an offensive lineman- maybe 280 lbs and at least 6’2″. He is always plugged-in to his iPod.

They never speak.

She does not workout.

They are there for him.

At the end of a set, she changes the weights on one side while he attends to the opposite end.

They rarely make eye contact.

She is solid though and exhibits perfect technique when he cheats on an exersize. She is a teacher. He is a quiet student and watches the demonstations like a puppy would watch his trainer.

His squats are subpar. He knows it.

She shows him once.

He nods. He tries to imitate.

She nods in the opposite direction and perfectly executes another for him.

He lowers his butt as she has shown him- it is still not right.

Her butt is more pronounced in the way it backs up and stops parallel to the floor. Her back does not arch. Her eyes lock in on her own eyes that stare back from the mirror.

He tries again and is perfect to the untrained eye.

Her eye is trained though.

She demonstrates the movement again hoping that he sees something that he had not seen before.

He is finally perfect.

No kiss. No high-five. Not even a smile. The weights need to be changed.

The routine lasts for an hour.

She loads and unloads her side of the bar and he takes care of the other.

He moves ahead to the next station as she wraps up the previous one.

You are probably wondering whether they are dating or perhaps siblings or even trainer and trainee. I wonder as well.

A couple of nights a week I am lucky enough to witness this strange dance, among the weights and benches, on the floor of the gym.

The routine is an unspoken one.


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