The Ankle and Sir Willis

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

First I will share with you this
and don’t think me demented.
But tumors stole half my ankle
and now it’s been cemented.

So just as with my ankle
which stabs at me when I stroll.
This story is quite painful
and pain is tough to control.

But pain has rarely stopped me
from pedaling on my bike.
It’s what I’ve always liked
and less painful than a hike.

I’m sure you’ve guessed already
my ankle’s quite the pain.
But now I need to crank
if only to race hot rain.

So where am I going now
with clouds so mean and black?
The bottom of Sir Willis –
where I’m planning an attack.

My rhyming is quite basic
in its meter and the beat.
But if you want to follow
you will have to grab my seat.

Forgive me here at the start
as I’m sure you’ll hear me swear.
So, if such words offend you
I have made you full aware.

The fucking hill is wicked steep
and you pedal or you drop.
You have to start all over
if you fall off or you stop.

If a car may run you flat
and into the curb for fun.
Turn around and go back down
because that attempt is done.

It’s a mile and a half
from the bottom to the top.
And miles aren’t far on bikes
unless they’re steep and you can’t stop.

The thing about Sir Willis
as one begins to attack.
It’s got an ugly temper
and the bitch will pull you back.

It’s a grade of high percent.
Like something stupid crazy!
Forget it if you dislike pain
and forget it if you’re lazy.

I’m enough past ideal weight
that I know it will be tougher.
My thighs are fairly solid
but my gut will make me suffer.

So I kick and I approach
and click right down the gearing.
I’m pulling the bars so hard
I’m scared that I’m not steering.

I sit and grind three slow strokes
then stand up and shift once more.
I’m spitting gasps of jagged breaths
while tires grab the hard paved floor.

I will not spoil the outcome
so let it play out in your mind.
Endings are often twisted fate
and fate can be cruelly unkind.

My ankle did not crumble
and my heart stayed in my chest.
These questions would’ve stayed muddled
if I had not taken the test.

Okay – to Hell with modest
and the secret of fail or pass.
I stomped on my pedals like grapes
and tore up Sir Willis’s ass.


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