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  1. Karen says:

    I am very excited to read more! And I never knew you fished as a kid?? Well there was one time when I was almost the bait…I guess i’m still trying to forget that!

  2. Danielle (the first daughter...before Minnie was in the picture) says:

    “Now I Hate Kids”? Hello, you forwarded this blog to one of those very kids! I take offense from that title. Do you think you can start liking them again before you have grandkids? 🙂

  3. rongoralski says:

    Sorry Danielle. Actually I meant every kid except YOU. I’ll change the title when I get a chance.

  4. Eileen says:

    You so have a way of making me laugh…Thank you!
    I will pass this blog on to my friends and family
    Keep writing..…because I need to keep reading!!!

  5. Danielle (stressed out student) says:

    If anyone works for a social service agency and is looking for an intern, I’m your person! I’m a senior SJC BSW student and I’m looking for an internship 16 hours/week from now until April or May (preferably April). I’m available any weeknight after 3pm (except Tuesday), and every other Saturday. I also need to have an MSW supervisor (although my direct supervisor doesn’t necessarily have to be an MSW). I have a resume.
    I’ve done past placements with United Way and Wheeler Clinic.

    🙂 Thanks for the ad space dad.

  6. rongoralski says:

    This is why I love the child soooooooo much!!!

  7. Eric says:

    Hi Ron –

    Just wanted you to know I have observed your musings and have the perfect solution to your top 100 songs of your life…I have a book called “Top 40 Hits” 1955 – 1995. It’s ALL the Billboard top 100 from all those years sorted by Song Title, by Artist, and by year. Just think 40 years of every piece of music that made the top 100.
    Would that help? 😉

  8. Fra Fra or Francine says:

    Hello Ron,

    You don’t know me, but you have heard about me. I am Eileen’s mom and Jillian and Michael’s, Fra Fra, This is a strange word or you might say different and that’s what I am, different.

    I learned of your blog and I am interested in your stories and your wit. I have been told you are a wonderful writer and I would like to see for myself. I will continue to check out your blah, blah blog, by the way-great title-creative. I like what I see already and know you’ll keep them coming.

    I worked for a company that has moved to Elmsford, NY and thought you might want to contact them, concerning AFLAC. I don’t know who is in charge, since I retired 5 years ago and they have had many changes. They are a large company throughout the USA and Europe. If you get your foot in the door in Elmsford, about 80 employees, there might be a possibility for all the USA companies to also take part, in your plan. Here is what I found for you to contact, if not the right contact, ask who would be the person or maybe you might know who would be the best contact.

    Schott N orth America
    Human Resources
    555 Taxter Road
    Elmsford, NY 10523
    Tel. +1.914.831.2200
    Fax +1.914.831.2201

    I wish you the best and hope to hear more from you and by the way isn’t my daughter ‘WONDERFUL’-I LOVE HER

    Francine/ aka Fra Fra / Mom

  9. Eric says:

    Hello again Ron –

    YOur stories from Aflac moved me….several months ago, so I’m also an Aflac agent. The name of the game is ‘protection’ and helping people.

    To all the people that may read the Aflac article and had a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach. That’s fear my friends. That’s fear from wondering what you will do if you are ‘unprotected’ and this happens to you. In fact, please go back and read the Harvard Study article if you think you are protected enough. Plain and simple, you need Aflac unless you are independently wealthy…it’s a no brainer.


  10. Danielle says:

    I wish I knew her more…
    Happy Birthday Grandma Toby.

  11. Karen....your "hair guru" says:

    Just a thought regarding your repo-man worries. Tom says they’ll never show up with flashing lights blazing; they sneak in….while you’re asleep…VERY quietly.
    Good thing you finally got a dog.

  12. Karen....your "hair guru" says:

    Just a thought regarding your repo-man worries.
    Tom says they never show up with flashing lights blazing. They sneak in….VERY quietly….while you’re asleep.
    Good thing you finally got a dog.

  13. Ron says:

    Well that’s not fair. He deserves a smack upside the head with an A-Rod bat in that case. But if I block it in with another car I should be OK… right?

  14. Danielle (lets see if someone will actually help this time) says:

    I need more help.
    Okay so I’m taking a class called Latina Women and Their Worlds. I have to interview a Latina woman over the age of 18 who has migrated to the U.S. or whose parents migrated (1st or 2nd generation only).
    It’s not a long interview. I’ll be writing a paper about it, but no identifying information will be used.
    So Latinas…please help me!!
    You can e-mail me at Oh and if you’re interested, please let me know by Monday!
    Thank you!! 🙂

  15. Karen....your "hair guru" says:

    Gee Ron…….sounds like you had wonderful grandparents.
    I was never close with ANY of mine. I haven’t got one fond memory.
    Lucky you. I’m jealous!

  16. Wife says:

    Maybe if you gave your wife a little more time to clean she could have gotten to the details! Bite me!!!

  17. Amy says:

    Shelley you out there? Do I hear a fifty ?fifty it is!
    Let’s roll


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