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2008 in review…

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Politics

This is just so cute:




My favorite part of the election coverage last night was when the entire Obama and Biden families walked onto the stage. You’ve got to love the adorable Obama kids. I hope we get the chance to watch them grow up for the next eight years.

No matter what you think of Jessie Jackson, you had to be touched as he cried when it was announced that Obama had just become the first African American to become the President of the United States. Mr Jackson stood on the same balcony on the evening of April 4th, 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed. You don’t have to like the man to appreciate what he was feeling at that moment.

If you tuned into CNN at all you may have seen one of the coolest special effects of the night. Just like the Star Wars movies, they beamed in the holograms of their reporters across the country so that it looked as if they were in the same room as Wolf Blitzer. Wolf Blitzer should be the name of a football player, not a guy talking about politics.

Half of the clocks in my house and half of my watches are still on Eastern Standard Time. One clock is behind the TV and hard to get to. I have a little Viagra clock in the bathroom and I think that one is an hour behind too. There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’ll leave it to your imaginations. I have a Kermit the Frog clock in the den and haven’t changed that one either. I have a Kermit collection too. One day I want to turn an empty room into a Kermit room. If I had creative control of the rooms in my house, along with the Kermit room I’d have an antique bicycle room.

I have a big chair that I sit in when I’m in the living room either watching TV or on my laptop. It’s just a little smaller than a love seat. It’s small enough so I don’t have to share it with anyone and big enough to fall asleep on. Well tonight I had to perform surgery on it. A big piece of wood and a spring let loose in the back and almost poked a hole in the fabric. I grabbed the Gorilla glue, hammer, one thin nail, a small vise, and my pliers. The big chair is resting comfortably tonight and so far there are no signs of infection. I can’t put any pressure on it until tomorrow morning. The couch is scheduled for a similar procedure tomorrow night.

I wrote several Personal Cancer policies today. If you don’t already have one you really should. There’s a really good chance that you’ll get cancer. It’s not fun to talk about but just take a look around. Freaking cancer is everywhere. Michael Crichton just died from cancer. Only his family and friends knew he was sick. He wrote Jurassic Park and created the TV show ER.

Last night Californians voted against the right for gay couples to get married. Stupid people can still get married. Racists can still get married. People can still get married and then divorced the next day if they choose to. Fat and skinny people can still get married. Ugly people and cute people can still get married. They can either marry each other or mix and match. You can be on death row and get married. A white person can marry a black person and an Asian person can marry a Hispanic person. They can mix and match too. A Democrat can marry a Republican, just ask the Governor. A Catholic can marry a Jew. A prostitute can marry her john or a customer. But people of the same sex cannot marry. I think it’s because of something that’s written in the Bible. I’m not sure why that matters. I think people ought to worry more about themselves and stop being judge and jury on matters that they don’t want to understand.

The big chair just crashed. I’m serious, it was on its side and it tipped over and just missed my head. I’m going back in to check the damage.


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It doesn’t matter how you vote. But think of the millions of lives that have been lost in wars over the past 232 years. The very least you can do is go out and cast a vote in their honor.

  Election Day 

Joe the Plumber…

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, Politics

Is he a friend of Bob the Builder? “Joe the Plumber. Can we plunge it? Yes we can!”

Now THIS is a good debate!

Ummm… I believe Obama just put to rest some of those UGLY rumors that the McCain clan has been adding fuel to. Wow… it’s 9:39pm and Obama just took the debate. And now McCain is throwing more lies out there just as he knows the time is about to expire on the segment.

 John’s now going to tell us how Sarah is ready to become President of the United States if necessary. Waiting… still waiting… he’s proud of her… and he loves Todd too. Uhhh… John… we know you love them both… but ummm… can she run the country? John?

McCain is a desperate man and his sarcasm is such a freaking turnoff… look at the faces and listen to the deep breaths. Did he just compare Barrack to Hoover? Oh Jesus… not Joe the Plumber again.


John, get your facts straight about Obama’s voting record and why he voted the way he did. And you just got your ass kicked in the Roe v Wade discussion.

I don’t know enough about politics to disect all of this. But I love the split-screen where they are side-by-side.

 Vote Obama  Vote McCain 

Just vote baby!

 Construction I felt like a real man today. I wore a hard hat. I needed it to get from my car to the trailer on a construction site without being yelled at. My hard hat was given to me by the owner of the company where the twenty-three year-old works.

It’s green and has a knob on the back that you can turn to adjust it to the size of your head. He must have given me a small one because even when I crank it all the way open it’s still a little snug.

Last week I noticed that some of the really cool construction workers had decorated their hard hats with little stickers. I don’t know what the stickers said on them. Maybe it’s like college and high school football. Whenever you make a good play or score a touchdown or the team plays well, you get a sticker for your football helmet. So maybe on the job, whenever a construction worker digs a really good hole or does an exceptional job grading the dirt pile, he gets a sticker for his helmet.

So I was able to set up in a trailer today unlike yesterday when I had a card table on the side of the road. This time instead of donuts I brought cashews and Power Bars. They loved them! I told them I stopped doing the donut thing months ago because it wasn’t a healthy choice and I’m all about making healthy food choices. They believed me in part because I had my keys next to me with my Planet Fitness card on the ring.

One of the guys I saw today was sixty-eight freaking years-old. He was fitter than most of the guys half his age. He said he was still working because he never saved anything in his youth. He needed to work to pay for his health insurance and mortgage. I asked him how much longer he planed on working. He told me until he dies. His mother is one-hundred years-old. But she’s unaware of anything that goes on around her. I offered him a hat or a quacking little duck. He took the duck for Mom.

The guys out on the job are beginning to understand the whole concept of buying more short-term disability. As much as the cost of living has risen lately, and they have very little extra money to play with, they are even more scared of being sick or disabled and unable to pay their bills. I gave them all hats.

Tomorrow I’m going out to businesses in the area. I hate doing it but I’m partnering up with a new woman in the office. She transferred to our team from another team a few weeks ago. She knows of my fear and is sweet enough to invite me out with her to try and erase that roadblock.

Speaking of roadblocks, one of these two Presidential candidates better toss a few in front of the other tonight during the debate. It’s almost time to vote. Somebody needs to show us something!

The Debate

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Politics
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How many people do you think are blogging about the Vice Presidential Debate right now?

I like Sarah in black. The red shoes are sharp too. Poor Joe looks so frustrated because he knows he can talk circles around her when it comes to Foreign Policy. Why does it seem like Sarah just crammed for her final exam? Wow… nice shot of the calves. Are the shoes red?

She’s trying to act WAY too cute. She’s not answering all of the questions… being cute is how she gets out of it. And enough about freaking Alaska. Can you see Sarah as President of the United States of America? I’m sick of the whole “maverick” thing too. Are you a maverick because you have fought corruption and cleaned up government?

Wow Joe just killed Cheney! OMG Joe is getting emotional about family. Sarah’s talking about Todd again. She just said “maverick” again. Her ankles are kind of chubby. Oh finally… Joe is attacking the “maverick”! Go Joe… go Joe… go Joe… yeah… we just want to know how we are going to pay for Mom’s MRI and heat the house.

She’s quoting Ronnie again. Or quoting whoever wrote those quotes for him. I thought this thing was going to last two hours. It’s already over. Let’s see if they hug now.

Nope, no hug but here comes Todd. Holy cow… Sarah and Joe are still freaking talking to each other. How cute is this? Joe’s meeting the whole family. Awww… I love Joe.

OK so it’s over. OMG how can they let the little girl carry the baby around the stage and down the stairs? Can you imagine if she dropped the kid on national TV?

For a more in-depth analysis of the debate, go anywhere else but here.

Politics, sort of

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Politics

Since you still don’t want to help me with Danielle’s wedding song and my career I’ll write my very shallow comments on the presidential race up to this point.

I respect John McCain and everything he’s done for this country. I’m sure if elected president, he’ll do a fine job. And Sarah Palin and her husband are a fine looking couple. Sarah is smart and witty and very attractive (not that it really matters… although I liked what she wore the second night better than what she wore during her own speech) and she would probably make a fine VP.

But JM hardly looks like he can make it to the podium let alone make it through four years as the most powerful man in the free world. And I’m not so sure I want the sexy  attractive (not that anybody should or will base their vote on how she looks) and very smart Sarah of Alaska as my president.

I will be even more leery if the JM people shield her from the Sunday morning political talk shows. We need to hear everything about what she can bring to the job before making an intelligent choice.

And how about Mrs. McCain? She’s also very hot a very pretty woman (not that it matters one bit) and I can easily take four years (or however long JM lasts) of her as the first lady.

Then there’s Michelle Obama… also one fine woman a cutie (not that it matters at all). I loved her speech and the passion that she delivered it with.

I like Mr. Obama. I like him a lot. Yes I’ll admit that I’m intrigued with the prospect of finally having a black president, but I also think he’s very capable of doing the job. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more during the debates.

Mr. Biden is very experienced and I trust his knowledge of foreign policy. And Jill Biden is one hot ticket attractive too (not that it makes a bit of a difference)

.Jill Biden, wife of Senator Joe Biden by JoeBiden.

I hope this has helped you to make an educated decision on who should be our next president. One thing is for sure. Whoever it is will be an upgrade from what we’ve had for the past eight long years. I will miss Laura Bush and the twins. They are all very attractive women that have made the past four years a little easier on the eyes little more bearable.

Not that ANY of it matters a single bit.