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It took forty-eight years for me to finally become marginally wise. That’s debatable of course. But I’ll give you my word on that one. 

I was always very close to the margin but couldn’t quite cross over that last jagged edge of self-assuredness.

It was essentially five bits of wisdom from four different family members and one local columnist that finally got me there. 

I’m not going to tell you who the five people are or what I learned from them. They are mine (the bits of wisdom). You’ll have to get your own. 

It’s not that they wouldn’t be of any use to you – it’s just that they weren’t meant for you.  

If it sounds selfish of me – I apologize.

I read a hundred helpful quotes on Facebook a day. I usually really like two or three of them. Then I forget them. 

I’m not quite sure why that is. I can quote Frost, Emerson, or Thoreau for about ten minutes immediately after reading them. But the custom-made quotes – they don’t leave me. 

Funny thing is you probably don’t even realize when you’ve shared one of your own. You certainly don’t notice the other person reaching to grab it before it’s lost or wasted on those ears that don’t recognize good words when they hear them. 

Quotes get stolen all of the time. They get misplaced just as often which is why I like to receive mine in an email or a secured area. 

I was told by a reader once that she used a quote of mine at her dinner table. I’m sure it was forgotten ten minutes later.

I don’t remember how I got on this subject – of quotes. What I do remember is the advice from my five people. 

Maybe one day without realizing it; I’ll use that advice in a quote of my own. That won’t be the same as stealing though.

And to think it took me forty-eight years to figure this out.