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As mentioned yesterday in a Facebook post, last night was the final game that I’ll watch any child of mine play in at the youth level before entering high school.

Of course I’d still consider high school sports as youth sports – but at a much more demanding level. The innocence is virtually tucked away in a locker or duffel bag of stinky items.

Mom and Dad are no longer carrying water bottles out to the field if they run out of fluids by halftime. They are not being coached by a family friend who you’ve looked to for guidance since kindergarten.

The coaches are now paid to win. The coaches care about wins first and the emotional needs of your child somewhere further down the list. That’s not to say they don’t care about our kids. The good ones do. But you probably won’t be hanging out at Coach Frank’s wife’s birthday party/picnic talking about how far your kid has come along and how he’ll be given a chance to play that position he’s been asking about all season.

It’s part of the maturation process that they must go through entering into the next level. And it makes you realize that time is pulling you by both arms and even the legs that pedaled you 30 miles on your bike yesterday can’t slow it down by much.

What makes this even worse is that this boy of mine is the last of five passing through this house on his way to figuring out how to get the heck out. So in four years – my job that began as a nineteen-year-old will change drastically.

Sure I have a granddaughter, and a grandson on the way. But it’s not the same. No more being in charge of screwing lives up of those living under my jurisdiction.

Yes, yes, yes, I know – I’m still four years from that time and maybe even more depending on how much he grows to hate us between now and then.

Jeez, now that I think about it more, what the heck will I have to write about then? It’ll have to be about the grandchildren and whatever dopey little kids I encounter while chasing them around.

I say “dopey” as I would use “silly” or “funny” although it does seem a little harsh now that I read it back. But “dopey” can be cute up until a certain age I guess.

The Boy has a dopey friend which is why it came to mind. He never caught on that we thought he was “dopey.” The problem is he’s STILL dopey to this day!

Oh I wish I could share some of what got him labeled in the first place. I won’t though. At least not now. But I swear if this kid is still a dope at 18 – I’m going to warn all of you.

I’ve strayed far away from my original topic. I could very well be avoiding the inevitable which eventually leads to 20-30 years down the road and my own death (if I even make it that long).

Well, at least this gem of a blog entry will be here for the grandkids to read and realize what a dope they had for a grandfather.

The bad news for all of my children and grandchildren is that I can’t keep my dopey thoughts in my head.



Patriots: Alternative ending

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

It just really sucks when you go 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs.

It’s almost as bad as having the other team know what you’re going to do before you even do it.

Just ask Kurt Warner.


Posted: December 29, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

I just want to let all of my Patriots friends to know how very, very sorry I am that their team will not be advancing to the playoffs this season.

It’s a real shame that an 11-5 team is spending today packing up their lockers and getting ready to head home or go on vacation or do whatever it is pro athletes do when the season has ended.

With any luck, the Giants will make a run at the Super Bowl again this year. If not, I’ll know exactly what the Patriot fans are going through: no more football until next season.

It sucks watching the playoffs when your team is not playing. You think about what could have been. You imagine that your QB is out there throwing touchdown passes or that your “D” has just come up with a turnover.

It can hurt. It can really, really hurt.

I remember how it was a few years ago when the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. I woke up on Sunday mornings and didn’t care who the hell was playing who.

January can be a long and cold month. It helps when you can look forward to watching your team in a playoff game. You know what I mean, right?

It’s snowing out. You’re stuck in the house. The kids are driving you crazy. But who cares? Your team has a chance to move one step closer to the ultimate goal: the Super Bowl!

It sucks that eleven wins doesn’t always get you there. It doesn’t seem fair.

But the Pats have had one hell of a run!

Do I think the football Gods have gotten their revenge on the Pats for stealing plays, a few games, and ultimately stealing a Super Bowl?

The thought never really has entered my mind.

It just really sucks when you go 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs.

Just in case…

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

the last post was confusing… I AM A YANKEES AND NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS FAN!

 Yankees Giants 

Nothing much…

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Spoons: Our spoons are too freaking big. Not only are they too big but they are very wide. They are so wide that they cut into the corners of my mouth. I actually have a smaller than normal mouth. I’m serious. Nobody in the house believed me until the ten year-old’s orthodontist confirmed my claim. Smaller spoons please!

Lunch in Hartford: Two guys from the office went to a favorite eating spot in Hartford and asked if they would consider offering Aflac to their employees. When they were rudely turned away, they put their business cards into a box for a drawing of a lunch for ten. One of them won. They asked a bunch of us if we were able to attend and most of us are busy that day. My suggestion to them was to invite eight homeless guys and give them all an Aflac quacking duck to squeeze every five minutes from the time they walked in until the last piece of cheesecake was finished. Aflac… Aflac… Aflaaaaaaaac!!!

Red Sox fans: Oh well… at least Manny isn’t going to the World Series either. I like how Big Sloppy spits into his batting gloves before every pitch. It’s cute watching the eight year-olds at the Little League field doing the same thing. On Sunday afternoon 60% of the people I saw were wearing some sort of Sox clothing. I saw about five today. Hey the Pats won all but the last game of the season last year… that’s not too bad. You still have the Celtics. They DID win the last game of the season. The Yankees have won the last game of the season twenty-six times. In my lifetime the Yankees have been in eleven World Series and become World Champions six times. A Red Sox fan my same age got to see his team win two World Championships in five attempts.

Tired: My tongue keeps going to a really sharp part of a tooth. The only way I’m going to stop is if I go to bed now. I just had that tooth taken care of last week. I think they did it on purpose because we owe them money.

Giants: They won their very last game of the season last year.

The Rays

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, What I Ate Today

Red Sox and Patriot fans have big mouths when they are winning. I haven’t heard much from my Patriot friends so far this year. I was hearing a lot from my Red Sox fans last week. Hmmm… not so much yesterday though and I’m thinking maybe not that much tomorrow either.

The Giants got killed last night and the Yankees are scattered about the Western hemisphere tonight. I still love them. I’ll talk about them all day long if you let me. Half of the fans at Fenway tonight were probably sitting in their living rooms in time to watch the second half of Eli Stone.

I can’t find any Patriot fans to reminisce with about the Super Bowl. They change the subject to last season’s World Series. (GAME UPDATE: Ortiz just turned an inside-the-park home run into a triple).

I had a very bad food day today. I bought donut holes for the guys at the construction site today. It’s bad enough when a dozen donuts are asking you to eat them, but when fifty holes are chanting, “Eat me Ron-nie… eat me Ron-nie, eat me Ron-nie,” it’s enough to blown your freaking mind to bits!

There was a nice mixture of chanting holes today: Halloween ones with orange and brown shots; chocolate glazed; regular glazed; creme-filled that were disguised as glazed; coconut; the ones with the little crunchies sticking to them; and a few others that I didn’t pay much attention to.

Well fifty donut holes were about twenty-five too many for the guys today. So instead of giving them away I took them with me and those motherbleepers wouldn’t shut the Hell up. So I ate them. And because I ate them I figured for lunch I’d stop at some place called Duchess. I won’t be going back. But I keep getting a mouthful of bacon and onion rings and my chest, neck, and back are killing me. So again I’m ignoring the signs of a heart attack and again you’ll just have to wait and see if there is another blog post tomorrow before you’ll know if it was the real thing or not. (GAME UPDATE: Rays 13, Sox 2.)

I have a dentist appointment at 8:30am. I wonder if they would charge for a missed appointment even if the reason that I missed it was because I either dropped dead or had an emergency double bypass?

I noticed the number of hits on this blog are going down. I guess people are sick of me already. Well that took longer than usual. Could it be that I’m too moody? People don’t like mood changes. I can’t control them though. If I’m happy, I’ll write happy stuff. If I’m unhappy I’ll try and write happy stuff for as long as I can (oh yuck… a mouthful of onion ring and chocolate donut hole) keep the bipolar traits in check. Well I know of at least five of you out there that are reading and that is good enough for me. It’s not like having fewer readers is going to push me to the brink of a freaking phycotic (odd word to spell) episode. Why the f**k should I care if they read this !*&%$#%@& blog.

Stupid idiots!

Yeah the Patriot fans don’t like talking about that game.