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When you are a hugely successful columnist you often have to deal with unpleasant people. Sometimes they are from your past and decide to crawl out to try to discredit your integrity.

The sad part is they don’t realize that nobody cares what they have to say. But I really got a kick out of this one because we once served on a youth sports board together.

And then I noticed that she was commenting on some of my columns here and there. And then she tried to crash in on my FB page so I blocked her. And I ignored her comments because some were under fake names and I think she may have even been fighting with herself in some of the posts.

And now she’s sending emails that speak of people and issues from years back. I don’t think she likes to be ignored. And if she does have any friends who read this blog, perhaps she’ll read it and REALLY start to act up.

So check this out. I’ve blocked all names…

Her initial email:
Ron I saw (Jane Doe) the other night at  (High School) Grad Party. She is still working the volunteer circuit. I guess it’s where her friends are. How is she doing? She seemed to be the same as always; talking really fast, not focusing on real life things lIke the person in front of her. Does she even realize that I am a human being and not just a “thing”. She’s been in (their town) too long. She, like many of us, needs to get real. I hope she realizes this soon.

My respond:
Haven’t spoken to her since (the league banquet at least 5 years ago – maybe more). 

Her email #2

Remember when you presented her with that black and white picture?  I thought that was from the heart?  I guess it was just a business relationship.
I heard that her and her husband split up.  At least the kids are grown up and it won’t hurt them much.
Looks like you’re finally understanding the youth sports deal and that COACHES are a huge part of the problem.  Coaches seem to be the biggest problem in fact.  Parents (helicopter parents) are out there, yes.  But most parental anger comes from the coaches playing “favorites”.  And the favorites are not always the best players, not the best sportsmanship.  The favorites are the sons of the Coaches business relationships and friends of the Coaches’ son also.  It’s ridiculous how blatant coaches can be.  They don’t even try to hide it !!
BTW, my husband  told me that (former player) was a recipient of the (award that I present to a player each year and is voted on by a panel of parents).  Are you kidding me???  That kid is the least sportsminded (sic) kid I know.  He’s a prima donna big time.
He lost one of the biggest games in (our high school’s) history.  He got sacked at the end of the game and his Mommy had to peel the kid off the ground and walk him off the field.  Yup, that’s what I call courage !!  He’s a big baby.
You should have given the (award) to (another player).  He’s playing at (college) now and he deserved the award.  Not the big baby (player).

My response #2
Lol. I’ve always understood the problems of youth sports. 

(He) was very deserving when he won the award. 

Her email #3
Perhaps (he) was deserving in (your league’s) terms ‘cuz (your league) was an easy league to play in.  Put (him) under some real pressure in Pop Warner in (another town) and he would have a verrrry difficult time.

The kid is a big baby.  And to think that you overlooked (another player); the most deserving (league player) ever of that award !!  What a political shame.  It’s clear you were looking out for the parent who had the biggest mouth — (the father of the recipient).
(The recipient) is the most MARKETED kid ever.  His parents should own a marketing company. They would be brilliant.  And you fell for it.  Marketing your kid should be illegal.  If I was as good as (the father) at this trick, my kid would have everything like (the recipient) and his younger brother get.  With not much talent at all I might add.  Greedy family.  They will step over 12 dead bodies to get to their goal and they are not even on the football field !!  But they will use their money, power and influence to get it.  Sickening family.
Remember, like (a former coach and parent), I am from the neck of the woods that KNOWS THEIR SPORTS.  Not like the CT folks. 
You should be ashamed of yourself for letting politics rule (the league).  You kicked me in the ass when I was (on the board) and I was only trying to do something good and safe for the kids and you used politics.  Sickening.
I can’t believe people take your Blog seriously.   You don’t know _ _ _ _ about real sports.

Back to my commentary now
So there you have it. A crazy email from another adoring fan. Should I be scared? I’m sure I haven’t heard the last from her. Especially because I have not replied to her last email.

This is an example of what’s out there my friends. I have to laugh when a person like this tells me that I don’t know about youth sports and I’m a part of the problem.
Ugh – Can I get some bodyguards please?